Mgb 225 – Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Skills
Essay Preview: Mgb 225 – Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Skills
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MGB225 Intercultural Communication and Negotiation SkillsReflection reportAssessment 3Student name: Sunjae Hwnag (Sun)Student number: N8972231Tutor’s name: Asti MardiasmoWord count: 1010ReportingThere were two negotiation simulations during the semester, both two negotiation are made between two teams. As, both negotiations were focused on reducing the gap, one of the keys was predicting opponent’s negotiable points from given information of opponents. Therefore, while two negotiation simulations were processed, my team prepare the negotiation through planning form. And fallowing the planning form, we focused opponent’s weakness points to negotiate with them.First simulationIn the first simulation, we were the Mayor of Paradise Island negotiating with Stuart Bing and the Island Queen. We focused on narrowing the gaps between two parties to get an outcome which satisfied both parties. The negotiation resulted in a desirable outcome for both sides. During the simulation, we used a number of tactics within our overall integrative strategy. Due to the ongoing nature of the deal, we were concerned with creating and maintaining a good business relationship with the Island Queen team. Our opening tactic was to lowball on the number of people allowed on the island at any one time, as this point was considered our highest priority and was reflected in our choice of tactics. By narrowing the gaps, we managed to achieve an outcome that satisfied both sides as a result.Second simulationIn a second simulation, we took the Alpha Inc. while opponent took Beta Inc. Beta Inc. was approached by Alpha Inc. due to the production of a line of robots and the corresponding marketing tie-up. Preliminary discussions and tentative understandings have been reached throughout the past five months. Alpha Inc. is an ideal candidate to become the license of Beta Inc. in regard to the level of technical competence, marking expertise within the robot industry, service, quality control capabilities, distribution channels, high standard of general management and the highly regarded reputation of the business within the industry. The agreement with Alpha Inc. will be non-exclusive. After the negotiation, we reached 275 units, 5 models, vision technology and 4% royalty rate.

RespondingFirst of all, and could be the most importantly, it is one of key points to take the initiative in negotiation situation. If rack of taking the initiative is happened, there might be possibility to be swayed by opinion of opponent. Therefore, to lead the negotiation to favourable situation, use of analysed other parties’ attitudes and information is important. Secondly, in the starting point of negotiation, it is important to do not show all of desire point as during the processing of negotiation, meditation is needed. Thus, offering suggestion with in higher/lower than desired point could make the favourable situation.RelatingWhen I was in military service, I was in administration section and there were some chances to meet negotiable situation. One of memorable negotiation was signing on M.O.U (memorandum of understanding) situation which was for benefits of our colleagues. To achieve this, I needed to call or visit for meeting with facilities around my camp to decide the amount of benefits. They tried to allow minimized benefits while I needed to get maximized benefits. Therefore, the negotiation was happened and the result was acceptable while not of all allow for M.O.U. Also, recently, as I am executive of Korean student association in Queensland University of Technology, I got a chance to have negotiation with Korean shops in Brisbane and around of Brisbane. This negotiation was for benefits of Korean students in QUT. While I had these experiences, there were some similarities and differences with negotiation simulations. Similarity For the similarity, the theories that I used in negotiation were similar with simulation. For example, Highball and Low ball techniques which offering high/low conditions in starting point of negotiation. Therefore, as results of negotiating with opponent, I could reach the condition which is close with negotiation goal. Also, another similarity was that I had to take a favourable position in negotiation to lead a situation. While the negotiation was processed, to take a favourable position, I needed to describe why they should accept the suggestion such as increasing the customer.

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