Strategic Management of Lafarge Surma
Independent University, Bangladesh[pic 1]         Report on Lafarge Surma Cement LimitedCourse Name: Strategic ManagementCourse ID: MBA 550Section: 02Submitted to: Dr. Nazmul AminSubmitted by: Md Minhaj Ul KarimID: 1621073Submission Date: 23/11/1016                     Table of ContentsTopicsPagesIntroduction6-9External Environment Analysis10-16Internal Environment Analysis16-20Corporate Strategy20-21Corporate Strategies21-23Conclusion24Recommendation24References25Letter of TransmissionDate: 23/11/2016

ToDr. ¬†Nazmul AminLecturer,School of Business AdministrationIndependent University, BangladeshSubject: Submission of report of MBA (550)Sir,It is a great pleasure for me to submit my report titled ‚ÄúReport on Lafarge Surma Cement Limited‚ÄĚ. I would like to inform you that I tried my level best in gathering relevant information and data for preparing a complete report as title. I tried to reflect on the whole picture of external, internal environment, corporate strategy and CSR activities of Lafarge Surma Cement by exploring all the information. The preparation of this report has helped me to a great extent in finding out the relation of theoretical knowledge with practical analysis in Strategic Management. I would like to express my intense gratitude for your kind and cordial guidance in preparing this report. Although I tried my best there are some limitations. I need your forgiveness for our unintentional mistakes. Thank you very much for kind acceptation and heartiest cooperation.Sincerely,Md Minhaj Ul KarimID- 1621073AcknowledgementThis assignment has given me the most valuable resource needed to become successful in the field of STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT. These are the art of creative thinking and the value of hardworking. First of all, thanks to the Almighty for making it possible for me to finish this assignment. I would like to thank my course instructor Dr. Nazmul Amin to help me for this assignment. I will be always grateful to him. In the end, I would like to thank our Lab instructors who helped me while doing my assignment.

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