Are Your Feelings Right?
Essay Preview: Are Your Feelings Right?
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Have you heard of the saying, “Love and like are two different things.”? If yes, then why do you get your feelings misunderstood most of the time? Normally, as children grow into teens, they begin to experience confusions, infatuations, urges, and the like. It is then that they start to have a crush on someone. That crush they get infatuated to because of either his/her look, brain, possessions, or personality. Well, it is natural to see something special from another person though. This crush is a short-lived passion also called as “infatuation”. Basically, infatuation is the gate for the start of love. By saying gate, it means that there are boundaries that separate one from the other. Since these two words are closely-related, their meanings are usually mistaken, or worse, taken as one. So what made you think that you crossed the line of boundary? Since teens spend most of the time with their friends, start to show care and affection towards other persons, and feel the pressure of relationships around them they mistakenly interpret their feeling of being infatuated as being in love.

Spending more time in school means spending more time with friends and other people. You come to school with people of the same age as yours. This means that you are expected to socialize and bond with them. This bond is build for natural need. As a human being, you need to have companions to live through your everyday life. You can’t do stuffs on your own all the time. Sometimes, you need to ask help from other people like when you need to carry big boxes from the first floor to the seventh and can not use the elevator since it’s broken. Another, is that you bond because it is obligatory. Like a situation in school where in you are complied to do tasks, assignments and activities that can not be done alone, or at least to the extent of your knowledge. Through this, you get to know each others personalities and capacities. Lastly, because nobody wants to be alone. Normally, you want to be part of a whole. A part of the class, an organization, or even just a part of a social circle. I doubt that there is someone who comes to school and prays that no one would come near him/her for no reason. As the saying goes, “No man is an island” and no one is an exception.

Given that you socialize and bond with your colleagues, the feeling of care and affection towards them grows in you. According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, to care means to be concerned about or to feel an affection towards something or someone. So as it is defined, you care not only in times of need but as long as you are concerned about that thing or person. Like in a situation when your crush get to play in a basketball league, out of your concern and affection towards him you would wish him good luck. Another thing is that to care is not a responsibility but a choice. If you see your friend at night in the street waiting for a cab, it is your choice if you would wait with him/her until he/she gets a ride, or just bid your “hi” and “goodbye” then care nothing more. You arent obliged to do so, but since you care for that person’s safety,

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