Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice
Tommie Brown
In America, Columbus Day is celebrated because of the discovery of America. Christopher Columbus is the one who is known to have discovered America so he is personally honored for that achievement. The Native Americans who occupied the land prior to Columbuss arrived wants no part in this celebration and want to get their message to the public so that their point of view can be taken into consideration.

Native Americas arrived to North America from Asia thousands of years before the European settlers (Hall, n.d.). Native Americas thought very highly of the European settlers among their arrival. What seems to start off as a friendly encounter; quickly diminished as the European settlers tried to convert them into Christianity, then servants and slaves (Hall, n.d.). Native Americas gradually decreased in population due to lack of food and diseases. White settlers viewed the Native Americans as uncivilized savages and heathens to justify their wrong doings. As time passed the European settlers took over their land and their way of life.

As a result of this history Native Americans have protected the Columbus holiday. History clearly indicates that the Native Americans were treated unfairly and as a result expressed no interest in celebrating a holiday that did not tell the true story. There are some states such as Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon and South Dakota that dont celebrate Columbus Day. South Dakota is the only state that officially celebrates Native America Day. In 1994 the United States declared an International Day of Indigenous People on Aug 9. This day is celebrated on 2nd Monday in October (Hall, n.d.).

Yes, I believe the Mayor should support

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