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Why us? Is a question, which I have been pondering about it in my mind. The exposure with Europeans was the beginning of the end. It has been about five centuries since the first white fellow came to say hi. I still disagree in the importance of such encounter. Since that encounter, the world changed may be for good may be not. Ignorance could be a good thing and probably merciful tool too. Unintentionally, knowledge could be sometimes the source of all evil.

Before, I used not to question my set of beliefs. I believed in everything without questioning myself, why? I also used not to care of the importance of my background. While I was ignorant and careless of my own history everything seemed so right. There was nothing people could say to changes the facts I had in my mind, based and supported in my old history books. I was in a constant dormant stage. I have change and I may not regret all of what I know now.

Every nation has a perspective of the whole truth, like how we got to be what we are. The explanation of our origins is always directed to our first encounter and from there on. Many history books describe how the colonization was done. But none of those books covered the social perspective of such encounter and the impact it had in the future even beyond the obvious.

History teaches that the Americas were defeated and conquered by force. The Europeans to reach their goals almost wiped out all the Native Americans. The reasons were to civilize the Americas and bring peace and knowledge, everything in name of the Lord. The poor description what we were “Indians” was given by the Spaniards since they believed they were in India. The right description for them would be Native inhabitant of the Americas or simply “Native American”.

Developed Societies were the ones that raised awareness of necessity and civilization. The Native Americans were one of few societies, which did not developed at the same rate like Europeans or Asians. The fate of the weakest societies, were defined and structured by the strongest. “Darwin catalogued this as natural selection” The predominant and strongest will prevail.

Out of our first encounter, and colonization, we as society changed, we were forced to. I mentioned that ignorance is good. It was good because without knowing the meaning of land ownerships there were not worries about the land. The “Indians” did used land but as community. Now while the Spaniards were unaware of the Americas the natives were safe. “When the explorers started to claim territories on behalf of their monarchs news of the news world were prints” .

The Spaniards, Portuguese, finally British and French colonized the Americas. The product of their interference made the Native American to lost hundred of native languages. They forced the “Indians” to believe in a different God. The popol vuh was replaced by the Christian bible and so on. The truth is the Europeans were so willing to change the Native Americans they just realized the reality they wanted to see. They called themselves civilized when they committed the most awful crimes against the poor Native Americans. People that know tend to confuse the ones that dont so they have power over them.

Native Americans, since they did not expect the outcome of the encounter, they did welcome the European. Their kindness turned into a dramatic collision between two different civilizations. It came to an end when the Europeans established and reinforced their power to the unaware “Indian”. The Indians what got out of the encounter, process of colonization and civilization? Just to get reduced

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