Understanding Adolescence
Essay Preview: Understanding Adolescence
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This is the most sensitive phase of a childs mental as well as psychological development where the parents should give quality time and full attention to their kids. So in this period, according to the national Mental Health Association, “Teens need adult guidance more than ever to understand all the emotional and physical changes they are experiencing.”

Furthermore, adolescence undergoes certain psychological as well as physical changes and develops a sense in them and endures many changes in their experiences and roles. Another change the adolescence undergoes is the establishment of their identity and to become a complete productive adult. Teenagers are also influenced by their adults and idealize them. So on one hand they follow their adults whom they idealize and on the other hand they desire to explore their role and status in the society

Therefore, it is the key responsibility of the parents as well as teachers to be very careful in dealing the adolescence. They should develop a strong bond of understanding to them so that they feel comfortable to express their thoughts and feelings. If the parent notices any negative changes in the behavior and actions of the adolescence, they should not overlook and ignore it. They need to concentrate on the root cause and be supportive to remove it. For instance child abuse may result into violent youngsters. Another instance is the medium of toys and the nature of media shown to the kid. If the kids were provided toys like guns and other stuff related to fighting and aggression, its mental growth would be in that very aspect. Or too much action movies would also leave same impression on the psychology of the kid. Therefore, a balance should be maintained in choosing the toys as well as movies for the kid. In this way the teenager can learn more about the society and relationships.

Moreover we also need to understand teenagers when they are going through the phase of physical

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