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The National Basketball Association (nba)
Part A.
The focus of this assessment will be the National Basketball Association (NBA). We will examine the staff members of this organization.
The NBA is following the growth strategy. This strategy involves expanding the company for the purpose of increasing the firms sales. At present, growth is organic; however, in the past, this league has expanded through acquisitions and mergers. When the NBA was founded in 1946, it was known as the BAA (Basketball Association of America). In 1949, the BAA merged with its rival the NBL (National Basketball League) and the NBA was formed. At the time, there were seventeen franchises. Today there is a total of thirty franchises; twenty of which are located in the USA and the remaining team is based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada.

As the worlds premier professional basketball organization, the NBA strives to employ the best talent and play in prime locations. Players are acquired from semi professional and international teams along with the domestic players who are drafted and/or signed from various universities. In addition, franchises are located in major, urban cities across North America.

Growth can also be generated from within the organization. The majority of NBA franchises were established during the beginning stages; however, there are also expansion teams such as the Charlotte Bobcats and the team formerly known as the Vancouver Grizzlies. In 1996, the NBA created the WNBA, a professional league for women. The league then became the premier basketball organization for both genders.

While growth is the NBAs predominant business strategy, it also follows a specialization strategy. As noted in an aforementioned paragraph, the NBA is home to the worlds best talent; hence, they enjoy a high level of customer loyalty as they are able to offer their customers (fans) something competitors cannot.

Part B.
The business strategy of this organization is likely to significantly impact its staffing strategy.
Based on the business strategy, the NBA should establish a core workforce. This organization is fueled by the fans. In order to remain in business the NBA must recruit and retain superior players and administrative staff to keep the operation running smoothly. All employees are extremely important to the success of the organization; therefore, the organization would want to retain them for longer periods as opposed to bringing on workers on a temporary basis.

The talent focus for players should be external. In order to maintain their competitive advantage; quality, the NBA would need to continuously be scouting a recruiting the top players from the NCAA as well as international ball clubs. At the annual NBA draft, sixty new players are chosen to enter the league and refresh the available

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