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In a quiet neighborhood just like yours or mine, there could a ruthless alien planning to take over our world, and steal all of our snacks. What if I was to tell you its all true and the alien is plotting for world conquest at this very moment. Aren’t you scared at all? I wouldn’t be, because the alien behind all of this really isn’t all that smart anyway. In a town just like yours he dwells in the depths of his secret base thinking of a new ways to eliminate the entire human race. This alien goes by the name of Zim; he has a robot helper named Gir that is disguised as a dog. Zim was sent by his leaders, The Tallest (yeah they are just taller than him). The only real reason they sent him there because they were sick of him. They make up things to keep him busy and out of the way. Zim descends from an alien race called urcan. Zim dresses as a young boy and also attends the neighborhood school; he uses a disguise to cover his red eyes and a hat to cover his tentacles.

One day in class a young boy named Dib, who is destined to discover the fact that Zim is really is an alien, set up a display in class showing all the reasons why Zim is an alien. Dib started with “Ok… Zim is an alien!” no one paid any attention to Dib, like normal, as Zim just puts away his plasma gun after working on a genetic mouse right in class, Zim turns around and says “Boy I sure like wearing pants!” The little girl in the front says “yeah Dib, Zim likes wearing pants, aliens don’t like wearing pants!” As Dib pounds off in a rage thinking that no one will ever believe him (which is probley true), the class room roof suddenly caves in and a large alien looking guy looks around and sees Zim, he grabs him and screams “now back into outer space!” The whole class looks confused. Dib says “look now do you believe that Zim really is an alien!?” the class looks in silence, when through the large hole in the ceiling a bird pooped and it landed on his shoulder. Susie said “Dibs got a bird dodie on his shoulder!” the whole class started to laugh hysterically. Thousands of miles away in outer space, Zim finally got away from the large alien named Siz-lor, when he gave him the twenty dollars he owed him. Siz-lor had been looking for Zim for thirty-seven years. Meanwhile back at school, dib was having some problems of his own. The teacher sent him to see the school counselor, Steve, because of his strange behavior. When he got to the office the counselor started with “Ok Dib what seems to be the problem?” He remarked “If I tell you will just think I’m crazy.” Steve got him to start talking about how he believed that Zim was an alien, and Dib showed him pictures of his robot dog taking out the trash. The counselor actually believed him and wanted to help out. At this point Dib was more than happy, he had a team now.

Later that day Steve went to Dibs house so he could help uncover Zim. Dib explained in more detail about his knowledge of Zim and his robot dog, and also showed him the high tech equipment for spying on Zim. He mentioned a device that could send

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