Overview of Naked Economics
Essay Preview: Overview of Naked Economics
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Naked Economics (Undressing the Dismal Science) by Charles Wheelan is a detailed book that gives good descriptions on how the study of economics works. A lot of people find economics as boring inexact science that does not pertain to them. Little do they understand how much it influences their life. First off because economics is not an exact science it is had for economists to predict the outcome of events. There are a lot of variables that they must take a look at in order to understand what is happening. Even with this, they have to deal with the unpredictability of people. People have the most imminent impact on the economy and their actions are the most random. Naked Economics (Undressing the Dismal Science) does a good job of incorporating good examples to help the common person understand how an economy operates. One of the reasons this book is so helpful is because it uses words rather than math to make economics accessible, comprehensible and appealing. It uses vivid examples to show the reader what interest rates, inflation, and GDP are and how it directly influences every purchase they make. He clearly defines what the terms used in economics mean, and allow the reader to gain a better idea of each is used to make the economy better. Even with this being so, I still thought that a person had to be some what smart to understand what Wheelan was trying to convey. Economics is not simple, and although he makes it easier to understand the reader still has to be somewhat intelligent to gain a comprehension of what he is saying.

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