Franciscan Values
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For the last few years, I have been going through life trying to figure out what my purpose is. My drive for life had been lost, and I needed spiritual guidance. As I reflected on the past, it brought a feeling of emptiness within. By stepping back and allowing the Lord to lead me, my life finally had purpose, a direction and set values. These values came second nature to breathing, however I never viewed them as things I had to do. They were things I enjoyed doing. The Franciscan Values that are most important to me are Showing compassion for others by serving and caring for the poor and oppressed. Having concern for justice issues is another that is big on my list, because I believe in American. Taking responsible social action plays a big part in my core system do to the fact that, the Lord has lead me to do something greater and not just sit back and complain. Offering unselfish service is the cornerstone to my existence because I believe in offering my services to people regardless of the circumstances.

Showing compassion for others by serving and caring ro the poor and oppressed is in my spirit. The Lord has taught me not to pass judgement on anyone. By being one of God’s servant’s, that leaves little room for being judgmental. One can never determine what happened in a persons life that brought them to the point of being poor or oppressed. A divorce, a death in the family or a lost of a job could have been the deciding factor in keeping or losing their home. Regardless of the circumstances it sends a feeling of calmness over me when I do the works I’m called to do.

Being in control is something we long for in life however, justice issues are a big concern in the world in which we live and that is something we have no control over. I respect the President of the United States, and I respect our country. Remaining safe is what I want the future to bring. Prayer has become apart of my total existence. Opposition of the wars is something that eats away at my soul. Much respect is given to the soldiers that are getting killed and severely injured in order to protect our country. Claiming to have all the answers is not what I’m doing. Having a genuine

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