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So much in so little time. No more assignments due at mid night, no more parties till 6 am, no more spam e-mails pulling each others legs, no more wise faff on the lawns with bunch of beer holders, no more 20 min lunch in 10 min break, no more power breakfast in 5 min break,no more mid night feasts at the maggi station in SV1, no more Poker series with incredible credit, no more arguments on which legacy we should vote for, no more shooting on campus with award winning actors, no more ISB life.. So much fun it was. So much of color. So much of Life And so much are we gonna miss you ISB.

Packed into 8 terms, core and elective ones, through this year,we have learnt how to do case studies of around 100 pages from 2 days to 20 min.
Core terms were jam packed with assignments and exams with Student life council at its best to keep the mood upswing. The first case study was about Kodak!! Kodak moments of course they were.. Three days and two sleepless nights in groups of five trying to solve one case study. Statistics going over the head and the dedicated Professor Ravi Mantena totally at it to nail it down for the students…. Professor John Zhang, a double PHD in Economics and Marketing (What a combination!!) with his “Smart Pricing” – What a memorable exam it was!! It is one thing to give a great exam and totally a different thing to “enjoy” the exam. In Prof Zhangs words.. ” An exam has to be an enjoyable and memorable experience to the student. I have realized this after being a student for most of my life..”

Financial accounting gave chills especially to the engineering nerds. How could one forget Professor Mohan Venkatachalam.. an awesome human being he was and he would nt mind getting dunked in the pool by the students!! And wait.. the best is yet to come.. Microeconomics by Prof. Mudit Kapoor… with that “Corruption is Good” and “CSR is faff” fundas which continue to Poker table with Mudit Kapoor being a regular!!! If Sachin is God of Cricket, then Prashant Kale is GOD of Strategy. Every class was stimulating!!

And best of all is Investment Analysis (INVA) by Prof. Ramana Sonti – One of the coolest guys I have ever seen. He dressed up with us for a Govinda theme day too. Every INVA class was a learning in itself with the concepts drilled into the brain rather than bugging you around.

Elective terms were more flexible and almost the entire campus ended up using the free time for Experiential Learning Programs, B-plans, competitions, Internal Consultancy Projects while few of us ended up going abroad for an exchange program. Before you realize, the placement season is on and tons of companies were ready to give gyan( pre placement talks).

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