New York Subways
New York Subways
They call it the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The MTA New York City Transit is the largest public transportation system in the world with 470 reported passenger station, plus 230 miles of routes translating into 660 miles of revenue track, and a total of 842 miles including non-revenue trackage. It runs 24 hours a day and all year long and is one of the most notable transit systems in the world because of such running hours. It is well- known as the subway, which means an underground operation, but about 45 percent of the subway system runs on aboveground. It includes steel or cast iron elevated structures, concrete viaducts, embankments, open cuts and surface routes.The subways are very import to civilians to get from point A to point B since many don’t own vehicles because of such busy traffic, it would be faster , easier , plus cheaper to use city transportation. The New York subways are among the ten top busiest systems in the world.

I myself have used the New York subway systems several times in my life. Most recently, I took a trip to Brooklyn with a few of my family members. We were going from Brooklyn to Times Squares and back. I remember the subways being jammed pact through out the station and standing up on the train itself holding on to an metal pole to keep my balance because the seats were all taken. My cousins Alary, and Autumne Montague, who lived in Brooklyn at the time, told me how people preferred to use public transportation such as taxis but mostly the subway rather than drive. I remember the ride being a little shaky, but otherwise we made it there and back safely.

The New York subways system is

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