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Cause and Consequence
Although there are many people with the same dreams, only a certain number of them will get the chance to achieve their long life dream. One long life dream might be to climb Mt. Everest, but the person must know that it is harmful. Pursuing this long life dream might be something more than just a long life dream. Before climbing Mt. Everest, one must figure out what are the causes and consequences of climbing the mountain.

Climbing Mt. Everest is usually a dream that one has had for a long time, but he or she must know what types of outcome could come of it before climbing it. When a person finally gets the chance to make his or her dream come true, he or she may not take into consideration that pursuing this dream can mean his or her life. By having the chance to climb Mt. Everest, it closes a chapter in one’s life, which can lead to something better or something bad in life.

As most people know that climbing Mt. Everest is the most dangerous thing they can do, they still take that chance of doing so, just to get the pressure out of it. What they must know is that Mt. Everest can cause more problems for the future, so they must think before going. Mt. Everest isn’t like any mountain out there. Mt. Everest is the worst mountain to climb because it can cause brain damage, death and a lot more.

When the tourist and the guide gets to the middle of Mt. Everest they start to experience the change of altitude of climbing up. They would start experiencing the change of oxygen going through their bodies. The oxygen shortage that they experience will affect the brain. Without oxygen following through your body to your brain, it makes it harder to think because the air up there is lighter then the air on the ground. It would take more time to answer a question then it would take to answer a question on the ground.

The change of altitude can affect your body by lack of sleep and oxygen shortage to the brain can cause brain damage.

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