Tapa King
Lacanienta, Maria Cheenah Bernadette M.BSBA – HRDM/ Ms. AgloroPLANNED CHANGESBackground InformationTapa king has existed for nearly 27 years it started out as a hole in the wall in Makati City; it’s just a small family business that serves tapa.  Basically Filipinos, would go to what is common or what they say “uso” they would just prefer to the stable rice and viand, it started in 1987 basically the main course is tapa.  The difference between the tapa king to other tapa restaurants is that when you see somebody eat it, there will be no left over on their plate. Tapa king is under the category of Quick Service Restaurant, it’s not fast food, it is a semi-casual dining. Meaning food will be cook when it is order.Planned ChangesThe Tapa King has new owners and new management team and they want the company to be very professional. To be able to operate side by side with the current big two fast food chains, the Jolibee and Mcdonalds. One has to be really feed up it’s personnel training have standards everyday has to be professionally done. The main reason of their planned changes is because that Tapa King is now expanding. They say that there’s no constant in these world but change. If the Tapa king would not be able to deal with the changes and needs, it would be late. That is why the new management is finding ways to be able to heads on, in the other fast food chains like Jolibee and others that are established.

What caused it for the new management?That is a personal reason for the previous owners, they want to sell and there’s an investors who find tapa king to be very profitable it’s just business and personal. Tapa king would not be able to last for 27 years if it has problem, although things need to be improve, facilities wise, tapa king stores right now are being renovated. There is no really downsizing all improvement and of course more expenses. But in business for the new chairman of tapa king Mr. Kenneth Shaw he doesn’t appreciate mediocrity but if you could do your best then give it all, you don’t only do you also think. So the new management team come up with the management 180, in terms of how things are done, because before, things are done like a house hold there are standards but there are no really complete standard operating procedures, it was run comfortably not aggressively.For the new management team of tapa king to be able to be a successful company that undergo through changes they have 4 action plans. Recruit qualified skill, manageable personnel that all have a tendency to be promoted because they believe in promoting from within.Improve facilities, because people would stay in an area that they feel comfortable in. Standardize procedures and Professionalize systemDevelop the culture of Tapa king which is at you service.Tapa king is also branching out internationally, they have one in Dubai, it’s a master franchise and if plan will pursue they will open 20 stores in UAE. Being international company is not that easy but because it is planned and tapa king is ready all the permits required by both international and local agencies are all done good.  Even the Jalal, because tapa king’s cater in Dubai. Therefore; all theyre ingredients and procedures should be certify by the Jalal Committee which comes from Malaysia and the Tapa king has their own processing group and that is the Jalal.

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