Persepolis Analysis – Essay – Dylan Owens
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Persepolis Analysis
The possession of the plastic key painted gold explores how the use of Nationalism, Heroism, and Martyrdoms can be turned into subduing and exploitation of poor children. This chapter builds the theme of the crossing between religion and repression, as well as how the impact of religious repression had on the exploited poor children who gone through it. Mrs. Nasrine sorrily describes that at her son’s school the teachers were handing out a “plastic key painted gold.” The key brainwashed the children to believe if they were to die in the war in possession of this key, it “would get them into heaven.” Ms. Nasrine expresses her sorrow because she has been “faithful to the religion her entire life” however she feels now that she cannot “believe in anything anymore.” The teachers attempt to persuade Mrs. Nasrine’s son about what it means to be a Martyrdom and to voluntarily die for the regime. Mrs. Nasrine comes to a realization that the regime is using religion to subdue the children to turn themselves towards warfare. Which eventually leads her to dismiss her faith. Shaba later arrives and describes how he witnesses young boys whom army leaders “hypnotize”

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