Entrepreneurship Management
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Entrepreneurship Management
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The entrepreneur I have chosen is very special person because looking at his background nobody could have thought that he will enter into the business and his first attempt itself will be a great success. Mr. Rajeshwar Mahadev Niwal is a Mechanical Engineer from Walchand Engineering College, Sangali by qualification but have deep inclination towards business. He handles the dealership of Hero Honda, Parvati Automobile in Yavatmal; Maharashtra since 1993. It is a showroom plus spare parts, repair and maintenances. He also ventures into Hero Honda generators and Swaraj Tractors.

In 16 years of his career in business turnover is 35-36 Cr. He supplies vehicles to all the cities and villages around Yavatmal. He employs around 80 people in all. He also managed to open one more service station Vani. This is managed by his younger brother.

Mr. Rajeshwar Niwal comes from the family of farmer. His father Mr. Mahadev Niwal, was a farmer but also worked in few Marathi movies. He had four sons and two daughters; among which Mr. Rajeshwar is second last child. From their childhood he was very strict about education for his children. He died early in his age in 1979. This happened with sudden heart attack just before the few days of marriage of his elder daughter. This incident taught a lot to Mr. Rajeshwar Niwal. It made him responsible in early age, also made mature enough to handle the situation.

Mr. Rajshwars sister got married in 1979 and that same time he was about to clear his H.S.C. His brother in law was Mechanical Engineer and this impresses him to take up admission for Engineering. But at the same time he got to talk with few people at brother in laws place who were doing business and doing great job by earning very well. After the fathers death his mother found it difficult to handle all the farming along with the education of the children. But still they all were inspired by the dream of his father of making all the children graduated.

While in engineering college he was one of those eager and curious who wants to know all the things very well. So he was favourite of almost all the teachers in college. He was good student, sportsman, actor, and dancer. A real all rounder! While taking up job he was sure that after some years he surely wants to do some business so he decided to take up job where he will get fundamental knowledge of the business. He took up job in Bajaj Tempo, Pune. He was Research and Development Engineer for around 8 months.

After that he took up job with BPCL. This is because it was one of the top 10 companies in India at that time to work for and also there are many ways to earn money by some corruption. This is because he thought he will be able to build up some equity for his business. But when he started the job he found out very sluggish work culture that he in fact worked towards making it better than just making money through wrong ways. Before him workers use to take 8 days for some particular work and after he came in the work use to get finish in a single day. But it was not the case for his colleagues. His boss asked him that how did he mange this. His answer was simply allows his workers to leave workplace once he is done with his job given. So in lure of getting paid off workers use to work efficiently. This incident happened in 3 months of his joining. So here he learned one of the most important thing that how to handle the workers, labours. This helped him a lot in handling his mechanics in repairing section.

Other few important learning from BPCL was communication and mannerism. He has to talk with all level of people this made him smooth communicator for anyone. He understood how to speak with whom. In those days BPCL use to have its meeting in five star hotels. So attending these parties helped him how to behave in public. He inculcates manners of elite class as well. That helped him a lot in his career for making business deal.

After getting experience of approximately three years, he made his mind that he is ready to do business. He along with his elder brother use to do lot of brainstorming those days to decide on which business to venture in. His brother was in Government service that time and was using Hero Honda bike. He had a thought to enter into Hero Honda. His brother is wise man who is knowledgeable person, reads a lot about lot of things. And he read all those survey about Hero Honda that time. His brother agreed with him for this. They find out that the product is in high demand, new Japanese technology driving people crazy.

After gathering all the information he applied for the service centre to the Hero Honda initially. It was pending there for few months. That same time he received a marriage proposal from Mr. Kishor Musale for his cousin sister. Mr. Musale is the owner of Classic Stripes which have client list features Indias top manufacturers ranging from Hero Honda to Mahindra and Mahindra.. He was really busy man so after 3-4 attempts of meeting failed Mr. Musale invited Mr. Rajeshwar for dinner. That time Mr. Rajeshwar told Mr. Musale that he is going to leave the job and applied for Hero Honda service station and he is serious about that. The marriage proposal could not work out because of some problem but his business proposal got a chance. Mr. Musale got impressed by his determination, and willingness to leave a top job in the country for the business. Mr. Musale was in contact with Mr. Mhetre who was authority of Hero Honda to pass the permission of Service Station. In front of him only Mr. Musale talked to Mr. Mhetra and in few days He got approval of service centre.

Mr. Rajeshwar was required Rs. 2 Lakhs to set up

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