The Neckklace Character Sketch
Essay Preview: The Neckklace Character Sketch
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The Neckklace Character Sketch
Not once in the whole story does Mathilda ever thank her husband. She is concerned only with herself. Mathildas selfish greediness is also shown in her attitudes toward other people. She has one acquaintance mentioned, Madame Forrester. Matilda is such a type person in our society. A woman not thankful for what she has. One might perceive that Matilda and her husband are just really poor. Well from what I gathered, I think that she is just middle class. They may not have everything, but I think they have enough. Matilda is a round character; she is weak, because she cannot accept herself for what she is and for what they have. Her view of life is that if she does not have valuable things, than she isnt worth. Living a high class is the fantasy of Matilda.

Mr. Loisel is more accepting of his social place in life than Mathilda. He obtains the invitation just for her, to make her happy. Also, it isnt so important to him that they have expensive things. This is shown when he suggests she wear flowers rather than jewelry. Mr. Loisel cares so much about his wife that he used their inheritance to help her out. Its interesting that Matilda is not thankful for such a good husband. They at least have food to eat. There are some people in this world who do not even have people to love them. Mr. Loisel seems to be in love and wishes to make his wife happy. Such a great person should have been treated better. I admire his character. I think he is strong for paying back the debt. And he is weak because there are probably other women that would enjoy someone like him. He seems to be mostly content; I think he should have a different look at his life. Things might seem better.

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