To Kill A Mockingbird
Essay Preview: To Kill A Mockingbird
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In the book “To kill a mocking bird” Scout, one of the main characters in the book learns a lot of lessons during the period of time in the book. Scout learns a lot about her neighborhood and he family background that she never knew before. Scout observes the amount of people that are racist in her community and she also learns that some people are not bad even though other people in her neighborhood say that the person is bad.

Scout learns a lot of lessons during the book “To kill a mocking bird.” One lesson that she learns is that she should not be racist. In the novel Scouts dad (Atticus) is a lawyer in her town. Her dad was in a case and Atticus was a black persons lawyer trying to fight off this guys case. There is this guy in the town that is known as the “drunk person” but his name is Mr. Ewell and hes not a pleasant guy and hates all the black people around the town. Mr. Ewell got mad at Atticus for defending a black person in court.

Mr. Ewell gets killed, by boo the person that everyone thought was a bad guy living in an unknown house that no one likes to get near. Boo killed Mr. Ewell because boo didnt like how Mr. Ewell was hurting Jem and Scout because they were Atticus kids. Scout learns that the World would be a much peaceful place if there wasnt racism around the World.

Scout learns a lot of lessons during the book “To kill a mockingbird.” The second lesson that she learns is that Boo the person that no one liked and thought he was weird, isnt a bad person. Scout discovered that Boo wasnt a bad person when she kept harassing him to come out of his house to join her in a conversation. Boo and Scout really enjoyed themselves in conversations every day, and they started to show respect for each other. Scout and Boo Radley became really good friends. All the people around the town were scared for Scout because they thought Boo

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