Response to “books”
Response to “Books”
It’s not hard to understand what Mr. Bloom is stating about students these days and they’re strive to read books. He believes that books do not matter to us, that we can learn whatever there is to know about books through the media. We justify who people are and what they are like based on pop psychology, so we only care about the things we find important. Feminism today doesn’t affect students as it would decades ago. And it does not directly influence the relation to books. I don’t agree with half of the things Mr. Bloom has pointed out, but some opinions I can relate to and understand why he believes they are true.

I would disagree with Bloom when he says that students have lost the taste and practice of reading. In high school we have such classes to learn to the best of our abilities how to interpret and comprehend literature in different forms. It is the students choice to take the classes and not everyone will, many students have not given up on reading just because we have the choice to or not. To many reading doesn’t matter and they don’t want to read because it does nothing for them. Others like to read but maybe they prefer poems or things that aren’t considered greater important literature. Reading is a choice and not a requirement, as Bloom would think.

Students these days do learn much of what they know through the media I would agree. Movies, commercials, and some television shows have created ways to entertain while brainwash. This starts at a very young age now and it becomes natural to believe what the media says. Like the image of the perfect body Bloom speaks of. It’s everywhere in the magazines and television to look a certain way, act a certain way, to be someone you aren’t. Students believe this because they don’t know how else to express themselves. They have lost the difference between what is real information and what is being sold

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