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The Giver – Movie Review
The Giver; Movie Review
Imagine living in a world with no colors, or feelings. It doesn’t sound very interesting or fun. Does it? This is the world that Jonas (Brenton Thwaites) has to live in. This is the reality of Jonas and of his community. This inspiring film takes us through Jonas’ journey as he tries to make things right.

When Jonas becomes a twelve he is given the assignment of receiver of memory. He realizes that the world he is living in is made up of secrets and lies. When he becomes receiver of memory he is taught by The Giver (Jeff Bridges) that there is more beyond his community. Beyond his community there is a world full of colors and sounds, a world with more than just rude. As receiver of memory he has no choice but to keep this to himself. This is very frustrating for Jonas. His best friend’s Asher (Cameron Monaghan) and Fiona (Odeya Rush) sense that something is going on with Jonas. Will they figure out what it is?

The setting of this movie was designed to look like a Utopia. Every dwelling was perfectly arranged in the same order. Inside each dwelling the family unit had necessary survival objects. For example, they each had a bed for each member of the family. They also had a dinner table. I think the setting looks like a prison, which is good because this is what the director, Phillip Noyce intended it to be. I know this from the way Jonas talks about it. I feel like it was intended to look like they had a boring life and plain life compared to the real world.

The characters in this movie each act similarly, this is to show that there are no feelings and to create sameness. The only character that acts differently is Jonas and The Giver, because they both have the memories that no one else has. Jonas’ mother (Katie Holmes) and father (Alexander Skarsgard) both encourage precision of language in their dwelling. Lily (Emma Tremblay) is Jonas’ little sister. Lily is a nine and loves telling stories. The chief elder (Meryl Streep) is very evil, she will do whatever it takes, in her eyes, to make the community better. In the movie, she is in charge of all communities. Asher (Cameron Monaghan) tries to support Jonas. Jonas falls in love with Fiona (Odeya Rush) after being friends

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