Organisational Behaviour – Movie Review
Organisational Behaviour – Movie Review
GMBA January 2008
Avinash Anand
“We mortals are but Shadows and Dust Maximus… Shadows and Dust!”
The movie, set in 180 A.D. traces the journey of a man who goes from being a trusted army General to the Emperor of Rome to a Slave to a Gladiator who eventually defies the Empire to exact his revenge and ensure that Rome gets converted back into a Republic.

The movie highlights various aspects of inter personal relationships, group dynamics, leadership qualities and personal qualities such as courage, determination, self belief, love, jealousy, ambition and most of all Power.

Character Analysis
Maximus (Played by Russell Crowe)
The central character of the movie – Maximus plays the role of an army general, a slave and eventually a powerful Gladiator . He is someone who epitomizes courage, leadership, wisdom, fortitude and selflessness.

As an army general in the Roman Empire, he is dedicated to carrying out his duties as instructed by his Cesar. He looks up to his Cesar and Roman Empire with a lot of respect and believes that everything he does is for a cause. He is chosen by Marcus Aurelius as the worthy successor of Rome but the situation soon changes when Commodus kills the Emperor, orders the killing of Maximus and gets his family murdered. A wounded and forlorn Maximus is soon captured by nomads and sold as a Slave to fight in flea markets.

He continuously motivates his team of Gladiators and does not hesitate to take charge when they are put up against a series of fights. By exhibiting all the abilities of a natural leader, he is able to earn the respect of everyone who interacts with him. These include the Emperor, Lucilla, his army and his friends. On reaching Rome, Maximus dreams of an opportunity to get even with Commodus and fights for the sole reason of facing him. Eventually, by the power of his will, he gets his revenge by defeating Commodus in front of the large Roman crowd and asks for the wishes of Marcus Aurelius (Conversion of Rome to a Republic) to be fulfilled.

Inclusion & Sociability
Is an extremely private person by nature and does not show much intention to be sociable
In a rare instance, in order to win the crowd he raise his sword after the Gladiator fight against the Barbarians
Being a private personality, he does not expect people to include him in social activities
He wants the crowd in the Gladiator games to love him.

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