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Movie Review – the Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)
Essay Preview: Movie Review – the Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)
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10/26/15Media Analysis PaperThe reason is I choose this movie “The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000).” I think that golf is the answer if you get a lesson in life through sport. As the word “ learned all the wisdom of life in golf”, golf is similar to life because of walking through a variety of golf courses that game should work for a long time, so it became known as the appropriate game to convey a lesson. Robert Redford produced the film that based on Steven Pressfield’s best selling Bhagavad Gita Inspired novel. This film is going to the golf game that conveys the sayings that have to write down notes. The movie received poor reviews from critics because of a didactic. However, the movie time went so quickly while we watch a movie because the film had wonderful scenery and melody. The most of background in the film is the golf course. I found that golf course is the Kiawah Island Golf Resort in South Carolina. Make a point to learn all the details, and then pause. Junuh of Matt Damon is the hero comeback, but cannot seem surprising golf is not a person. Jones and Hagen are not the bad cops and the good cop. I love the game but do not talk much about it, Sportsman – both good. Jones is a handsome golden boy would. Hagen has a dark chapter, smokes all the time. Jones will play the beautiful game. The Hagen will always save himself getting into trouble. However, Will Smith Bagger Vance can create intolerably, and some will play more of a commentary written and bemused, but a method for processing a theory and their player, and the notification of golf, all warp and restrained. He may need to see that you are a lesson because the story is the growth and elderly. This film has made with a background of America economic crisis on 1930’s Georgia. The economic crisis has sent millions into abject poverty, so many people need to take a lot of guts. The hero came back from a war; he got an aftermath of war so he cannot do golf very well. I think that his situation compared to frustrated people because of economic crisis. The film of the Depression era was his girlfriend Adele and his games left before hitting the most dominant golf in the United States who participated in World War II, Rannulph Judahs story, he returned to his hometown of Savannah, Georgia Golf and together, she will work away from his heart – shock. One day, however, Adele is (after he shot himself), her face a civil servant who want to build over the course of a grandfather, would be to open a lot of money golf tournament in Savannah famous golfer appointment Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen to each other compete. In need of a representative of the Savannah playing in the tournament, the city will select Judah. One day the Jews during the night practice their game on the field, ” does not appear out of nowhere,” Bagger Vance seems to be facing. Vance swings his opinion agrees that more work is needed, as Judahs caddy. Junuh much meaning to their good character also returned to civilization for him. He does not return to golf. Three people will be encouraged him. One is Adele. Before the war, they were in love. One is a boy named dreaming about golf Hardy. One of Bagger Vance, a caddy suddenly appears to assign themselves to the rehabilitation and education of Rannulph Junuh. This film does not work formal movie way. There do not push anything too far. This is a tactical masterpiece. The competition results are even quietly pumping effect, the film that wins the competition is more important than what anyone proposes victory. The result of the movie was that anyone couldn’t win the game because they got the same score. I think that this conclusion has big meaning for an audience such as winning is not the prime objective or winning or losing does not matter. That competition will be held on two days. Judah will receive a wealth of life lessons from him much more than his caddy. The film had a strange thing because the film seems to integrate blacks and whites, but several scenes appear racism. For example, the hero will be called a teacher a young black man, but the caddy is not allowed in the player’s dressing room. Put some movie critics, it was impressive. They are completely missing the real race films of the time. They attacked it for listening too sweet. I think that racism in sports reflects racism in society. This movie director Robert Redford is environmentalist, so his movie sounds more natural instead of artificial. Also, his movie’s scenes are always the grass is always green and the trees are always beautiful. Most notable this movie, though, is the cinematography. The cinematography and editing looked fantastic to me because this film is the epitome of cool, with moody even though this is a pretty old movie because it was released in 2000. Also, the director uses music and lighting for a romantic atmosphere with nature. In the some scenes, he uses the lighting fixture for a dramatic effect such as the hero overcame his afraid through the caddy. In the movie, I was so impressed about Bagger Vance’s words that “Inside each and every one of us is one true authentic swing. Something we were born with, something thats ours and ours is alone. Something that cant be learnedsomething that’s got to be remembered.” And also, I wrote dialogue because its dialogue and characters are of the upmost realism. In the golf green, RJ: I can’t do this. Bagger: Just lose your grip up a smidge. A man’s grip is like a. RJ: That’s not what I’m talking about. Bagger: I know. RJ: No, you don’t. Bagger: What I’m talking about is a game. A game that can’t not be won..only played. The whole idea of this was to allow somebody to finish the golf game or enjoy golf. As Bagger said, golf is a game. However, he would suggest that the game we do not play well until we get our own. We must love ourselves despite our struggle to overcome defects. You are a requirement if you want to reach the full potential in all aspects of golf or life. Also, when you believe in yourself and trust your swing, you build pressure must be willing to work hard. To do this, your authentic swing, not borrowed from the latest issue of his body and temperament, Golf Magazine, you need to swing to fit in something. It is often a good player and that it does not care what others think about your swing. It should be fairly superficial copy of someone, not his swing. Bagger said to play as well, just you and the ball must have. You sweep away all confusion and doubt and use the authentic swing you have created yourself. But you can have a guide along the way. It should be your swing. Ive never had this subtle, and difficult golf is beyond the truths serious film critic dreaded. Even if the film is part of a little emotion and feelings, and swing can be a true amateur, even if the time to watch a movie can be well spent.

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