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the movie Othello the main symbolisms are love and trust. The love within Othello and Desdemona is real and as far as the both know their trust is too until Iago comes into play. Iago is, in my opinion very jealous of Othello and accuses him of several different things like sleeping with his wife, he also feels some what betrayed because Othello put Cassio in front of him when Othello and Iago are supposed to be best friends. Throughout the movie Iago tries to make Othellos life miserable by convincing Othello that his wife, Desdemona, is cheating on him with Cassio. At first Othello didnt believe what he heard and told Iago if it is true then he must prove it to him, and so he did, by stealing Desdemonas scarf and giving it to Cassio so it can be seen in front of Othello. Othello sees the scarf in his hand and goes on a rampage threatening to kill both Desdemona and Cassio. All along Iago is setting him up to do this so that he can be in power but little does he know his whole plan back fires. He gets the job done by having Othello kill Desdemona and also having Cassio get into a fight but Cassios attempted murderer ends up getting killed and he instead is on the verge of death but not quiet yet killed. It all comes together in Othellos mind that it was all set up by Iago when Iagos wife who is Desdemonas best friend, comes looking for Desdemona only to find her dead on the bed. When Othello explains to her what had happened he realizes it was all a mistake. It is quite a sad sorry in the end when everyone ends up being killed all for the sake of to love and trust and to be loved in return.

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