Do Androids Dream of Elctric Sheep
Do Androids Dream of Elctric Sheep
The Book Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep By Phillip K. Dick was a really Good book and I really enjoyed reading it. The movie Blade Runner that was a movie based on the book was pretty good to and I really did enjoy reading the book and watching the movie. Although they were both really good they were a little bit different to. Their, were a lot of differences in the movie that were not in the book.

In Movie Deckard was a retired bounty hunter who was pulled out of retirement to catch six androids that escape and are on the loose in the city. This was different in the book because in the book Deckard was not retired at all he was a active bounty hunter. In the book their were also eight Androids that escaped the crash but two are killed by another bounty “Eight to start with,” Bryant said, consulting his clip bored “Dave got the first two.” (pg.35).

In the movie to Deckard never had a wife or at least never showed a wife in the movie either. In the book Deckard did have a wife “Now in her bed his wife Iran opened her gray, unmerry eyes, then groaned then shut her eyes again” (pg.3). I think that this is a big difference because in both the book and the movie he had sex with Rachel, but in the movie it would be a little more acceptable because he is not married or doses not appear to be married at all. In the book it is questionable because is he unfaithful to his wife because she is a android and not a real person or not it just is a pretty big difference from the book to the movie.

Another big difference in the movie is that the movie starts out with them in Los Angeles, and in the movie this is the place where the movie stays and makes the story have its background here. In the book the story takes place in San Francisco and that kind of changes the whole scenery that the book has and is a huge difference, “ Here had been the suburbs of San Francisco, a short ride by monorail transit; the entire peninsula had chattered like a bird tree with life and opinions and complaints, and now the watchful owners had either died or immigrated to a colony world.”(pg.15). I think

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