Motivational Strategies
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I have come up with motivational strategies that I felt was appropriate for all three individuals based on their portfolio from their self-assessments and their characteristics. In order to do this I had to evaluate each of the individuals characteristics and see what best suited their interests.

Mike is able to make reasonable decisions but could at times make rash decisions which could have a negative affect the way he makes decisions regarding his job. He lacks self-motivation when it comes to his employment. Mike is mildly emotional although it he may become overwhelmed under pressure. He has a relatively positive emotional outlook when it comes to his job. Mia tends be able to valuable decisions regarding her life and job which is a positive feature for her job. She also tends to be self-motivated but may become bored with her job from time to time. Mia emotions could interfere with job related issues because she seems to be highly emotional. She is able to work under little to no supervision Positive emotional outlook about her job but this could fluctuate depending on stress level which means she would be open and receptive to helping others. Ray has a good since of direction when it comes to making decisions he too could work well under little to no supervision. He tends to be self-motivated but may need a boost here and there due to lack of interest. Like Mike Ray tend to have mild emotional reactions to job duties and job related stress but seems to be able to regulate his emotions. Great positive emotional outlook toward his job and tend to be very helpful to others.

There are a few motivational strategies that I have chosen these strategies are in place to suit each of the three individuals. The strategies I have chosen is merit based pay plan, flexible benefits, employee recognition, employee involvement programs and bonuses. Each of the individuals characteristics that benefits from one or all of these choices. The merit based pay plan would help the individual engage in their jobs better because great performance equals a great raise. Flexible benefits also helps them to choose benefit package that best suits their individual needs, this is seen as a perk of the job. Employee recognition would suit each of the individuals because this would help them feel good about the work they are doing and would make them want to keep doing a great job, it would also boost their confidence. Employee involvement is

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