The Most Important Consequence of the Printing Press
The Most Important Consequence of the Printing Press
The Most Important Consequence of the Printing Press
From the 1400s to present day, the importance and the impact of the Gutenburg’s printing press is still very relevant. This one invention congregated groups of people like never before and led to the diffusion of cultures on a global scale.#1

Before Gutenburg’s time, scholars and scribes would manually have to transfer book to book by hand.#1 However, with the invention of the printing press, thoughts, ideas, and famous literature could be spread at blazing speeds. In 1471, there existed only a handful of presses throughout Europe#2, but in 1500, the printing presses’ importance and success became known and they eventually began to pop up all through Europe.#2

One of the most immediate consequences of the printing press was the monk Martin Luther being able to quickly spread his revolutionary religious ideas.#3 The printing press also printed pictures that rightfully criticized the Catholic church for their unjust practices and, with the help of the printing press, the Catholic church had its downfall and the people as a whole became educated enough to think for themselves#3,#4.

Another extremely important aspect of the printing press is that it helped scientists and astronomers to widely spread their newly formulated maps that would further educate the entire world#7, and, as the reader can see, the maps became progressively more accurate, therefore teaching all people how the world looked from an international standpoint#7.


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