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[pic 1]I remember very well that at the beginning of the movie I was falling asleep but I was taking interest as time went on.[pic 2]It is a very emotional movie that takes account many feelings in different scenes.At first I thought Murph saw some kind of alien but she said it was a ghost but it turned out to be his father and he was communicating by Morse code with her.This film involves a variety of concepts and scientific theories such as gravity, space, time, life on other planets, parallel dimensions etc. it was very interesting.At half of the film there was a scene where they are on a planet in space and three men from the ship went out to do different explorations but two of them went together and the other went alone, the two that were together were talking when suddenly one of them removes the device to communicate with the ship and pushed the guy to the ground and also he cut part of the space suit so he could not breath because of oxygen so they started to fight but finally the ship rescued the protagonist.And my favorite scene is when Murph saw his father and she was in the hospital she was also very old and she told him that she always knew that he was her ghost, and then his father began to cry of happiness. I really enjoyed the movie and I want to see it again.

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