Of Morbid Obesity from the World and Making Them a Positive Attribute to Society, Instead of a Burden
Of Morbid Obesity from the World and Making Them a Positive Attribute to Society, Instead of a Burden
Of Morbid Obesity From The World And Making Them A Positive Attribute To Society, Instead Of A Burden
It is a sad reality that in Canada and the United States, obesity is common, and in fact, something most people cannot avoid. Unless we take a step of action, nothing will be done, and this situation will worsen, eventually killing off half of the population. Morbidly obese people are creating havoc nationwide, and something needs to be done about this epidemic that is drastically spreading everyday. The average large person is not only a problem to society by aesthetic beauty, but also has an effect on the thin people, as they are more inclined to eat, even if they are on a diet. My proposed solution is to tax these brawny people, in hopes to not only solve obesity, but also to solve many world issues.

Firstly, it is important to know that these hefty individuals make up ten percent of our population. Knowing that there are, at this moment, exactly 32,808,041 people living and breathing in Canada, therefore, 3,280,504.1 people are overweight; keep in mind that is in Canada alone. To look at the United States, the total population is gigantic at approximately 300, 000, 000. As the obesity rate is higher in the States, at fifteen percent, this will make for more husky Americans: 30,000,000 more in fact. These increasing numbers in society are not only a burden but a serious problem. When looking at our world, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what went astray with our perfectly fit people. Not to point fingers, but I personally blame Ronald McDonald. To buy a full meal: a burger, medium fries and a medium drink is roughly six dollars Canadian. For example, if you are going with a health wise decision, and perhaps have Subway, a six inch sub, a juice and perhaps some sun chips will cost you close to eight dollars, that’s without even getting a foot long if you are really hungry. The problem with these two, is people would rather spend less money, and have something so delicious, as opposed to a more expensive, healthier meal. It is this way, with the fat and calories being almost double in a fast food meal, that people are increasingly becoming heavier and heavier. With obesity rates on the rise, I could not be more positive to state that by the year 2050, half Canada and the United State’s populations will be obese, unless we act now.

In hopes to eliminate these thickset people, the most logical thing to do in this economical world we live in, would be to make it more expensive to be overweight. Increasing taxes for these portly individuals would do one of two things, drive them into starvation or create revenue, in which we could begin to pay off our debt for the 2010 Olympics. With this tax, it is to be noted that higher taxes would be placed on food for obese people, in hoping to encourage people to eat less, and even if they eat the same amount, this money could be put to better use – perhaps helping feed the rest of the world’s starving population. As well, we could implement a better distribution of food, and have it shipped to the third world countries, where food is not as accessible as it is here. As well as increasing taxes, but you could charge more for the plus sizes of clothes – in fact, it is MORE clothing, why not charge for the access material? Charging a corpulent character for the two seats they take up on the bus would once again increase revenue, and hopefully bring in money to deal with important worldly issues that are at stake, not only our precious Olympics that are to take place in two years. If all else fails, we should gather up all the potbellied and whale-like specimen’s, and ship them off to an island. Here they will

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