Moose Case Study
NAME: ______________________________SHOES 4 MOOS[pic 2]Please save this as a Word file, then provide your answer following each question. In 2-3 pages, double-spaced, please address the following and submit at the beginning of class in hard-copy only – for 2.5%!      Apply the PORTER e-scan model to Jim Wells’ Shoes 4 Moos business model. Based on this, what is your take on the viability of the business model?2. How would you characterize this B2B target market? Who are they? What information would they need to make a decision to purchase the product? Would this be an easy or difficult sell?  If you had money to invest and Jim was hypothetically looking for an investor, would you invest in this business? Why or why not?1.The PORTER e-scan model analysis the business, looking to the external environment opportunities and threats.For Jim Well Shoes 4 Moos business consider five external opportunities and threatsSuppliers’ bargaining power: The business is located in tourist place and the main target for the business is the horse riding cars and old fashioned animal transporter vehicles. This place has much other business attraction and has limited business in this industry. This is advantage for Jim to make more profit by bargaining supplier’s power and raising prices of product and making more available product. Threats of new entrants: the business requires investment and laws and rules. This business has limited competitors. This can be advantage for Jim to make more profit.Customer bargaining power: The main buyers for this business are the animal owners and the horse riding businesses in town. The demographics and the people behaviors is important to attract the buyers. Threats of substitute: people who believe and value the quality of the business helps the business to earn the profit. The other related businesses who also target  the same customers are the threats to the business.Industry rivalry: The rivalry comes when the competition business work hard to become top and serve with same qualities and variety of product.The business can be successful if Jim has good quality of product, because he has the power to build relation in the market because the buyers are limited in the market and the idea could be if he tries to make focus on customers and his competitors.

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