Losing a Child
Essay Preview: Losing a Child
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Losing a child
Everyone goes through experiences in life some are good, some bad, and some are just completely horrific. Not everything in life is joyful. Not everything we go through is easy to explain. Losing a child is one of the most tragic experiences ever.

On March 22, 2006, I gave birth to my fourth child a healthy baby boy weighing 10 lbs 14oz. He was the most perfect little angel ever. I named him Troy Nathaniel Hall. Not only was he a perfect looking baby, but he also hardly ever cried, he truly a god sent angel. Before he was 2 months old he was rolling over, had full control of his head, and was trying to sit up. By his 2 month checkup he 22lbs and wearing 6 to 9 month clothes, with a clean bill of health.

May 23, 2006, was like any other day I got the kids ready for school; dropped Sarah and Logan off at my grandparents, and took Tristen and Troy to daycare. Troy was extremely fussy that day after arriving at daycare, feeding Troy, I kissed the kids goodbye. I headed to work after getting to work I got very busy and forgot to call and check on Troy. I even made a comment to my “co worker about being so busy I forget to call and check on him, joking and saying I guess that makes me a bad mom”. After less than 2 hours of being at work, 30 minutes after talking with my co worker, I received a phone call the phone call that every parent dreads the one phone call no parent ever wants to receive.

The owner of the daycare was calling me; she was so upset that I couldnt even understand what she was saying. After speaking to her for few seconds, she managed to get out a few words, “he not breathing” she said. Before I knew it someone else was on the phone speaking with me, Telling me that “Troy wasnt Breathing the ambulance was working on him and you need to get here”. From that moment on, time seemingly stood still, I dont remember leaving work; I dont remember the drive to daycare. I remember getting a phone call that the ambulance was headed to Childrens Hospital and to meet them there. Somehow I beat the ambulance to Childrens hospital and was walking to the emergency room when the ambulance was taking my son in. I followed him in the emergency room at that very moment I knew that he wasnt going to make it. Seeing his little body lying on the stretcher with tubes coming out his mouth was truly the hardest thing I have ever had to see, they pronounced him dead.

After months of waiting I would find out that my son died from SIDS. Losing my son at such an early age was truly heartbreaking not only that but I had no idea the way it would affect me for years to come. It truly changed my view on life and how I think twice before taking the small things for granted. The challenges you face when losing a child are never ending and it is truly tragic.

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