Acme Corporation – Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
Essay Preview: Acme Corporation – Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
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Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
We are going to explore the physical security threat assessment of ACME Corporation. Securitys objectives are protecting the safety of the people, and the guarantee that Acme Corporation is protected. Threats can be summarized as deliberate and accidents; threats are not only through thieves but it can also be considered that a real threat happens from the political point of view income and expense. Budget is a big key to deciding how much security you will need on protecting the Acme Corporation. Security assessment is broken down into a simple process it is as follows: Threat and risk assessment followed by a policy development. Once a policy is developed, the implementations will be put into place, followed by the monitoring of the assets. This will activate the detection and intervention of stolen property and help prevent crime. A complete review and revision of policies is necessary to stay ahead of the threat. The threat and vulnerability assessment will protect Acme Corporation, personnel, products, information, etc., from events that could possibly destroy the company.

Physical security can begin in conducting inventory for Acme Corporation and identify perimeter of assets such as, fencing, cameras, access codes and security personnel to protect this equipment that is produced by Acme Corporation. Physical security is essential to track and inspect vehicles and staff entering and leaving Acme Corporation. Tracking on monitors and keys will also be essential from keeping unauthorized staff and vehicles from entering and stealing pertinent and sensitive equipment from Acme Corporation. Staff will also be instructed to change passwords on all keypads every thirty days to prevent passwords from being hacked. Acme Corporation will not only protect its assets but also protect the general public from harm by preventing our products from falling in the wrong hands. Tracking codes will be with each product insuring that it goes to the right peoples hands.

What we are protecting and who we are protecting it from is another concern for security management. Acme Corporation manufactures some of the worlds most reliable night vision equipment used by military forces, so theres no doubt we have both known and unknown threats. Our most known threat to assets comes from those who have access to our facilities. Knowing that this one of Acmes most vulnerable security flaws allows them to properly assess the issue and develop a few countermeasures to deter any possible activity. To begin with, access to the facility does not start at the entrance gate but instead during the hiring process with security clearance procedures. Since there are so many types of assets we must protect such as, information, supplies, customers, and most importantly employees, federal security level clearances are used for every type of asset. Once we categorize the security level of assets, we are then able to identify a threat level for each type of asset so that security clearances could be issued accordingly. As stated earlier, keeping track of our inventory and knowing who or what we have on our premises allows us to create threat level action plans in case of emergency. Leveled clearances puts the correct people in their designated work areas so that the company will always be able to identify who is where.

Assets generate revenue, so the protection of assets is the most important priority and focus of security. Placing encrypted security barriers on our information network, and monitoring email activity, log-in activity, and system usage around the clock allows us to stop possible threats at the source. The equipment and supplies manufactured and shipped is an important asset and the primary reason why we exist as a company; keeping track of merchandise assets while they are here and shipping also allows us to identify possible threats to our revenue. If a shipment is stolen or misplaced we will be able to identify where the shipmenst exact or last know location is. The protection of Acme Corps assets has a lot of

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