Letter from Diana to Bill Clinton
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Dear Bill
How are you nowadays? It has been a really long time since the last time we met. I am doing fine in heaven. The weather in London is very lovely now. If you and Hillary are not too busy, it would be a really good idea to visit London at this time.

Actually, I am writing about Hillary. As you know, she and I were very close friends; we always called each other to share our feelings, and also expressed our feeling about the lack of privacy. Since the Monica Lewinsky scandal happened, I can tell that she is feeling worse and worse. Maybe sooner or later, the smile on her face will even collapse. There is a saying that the onlookers see most clearly. She still loves you, but she really does not know what she can do. If you love her, you should do something for her, and work together to get over this crisis.

After the scandal happened, most people were thinking that Hillary might be Ў°sniffing and sighing and pushing back the skin on her cuticles, but, noЎ± (Harpaz 17), she is still smiling, giving speeches, and shaking hands (Harpaz 17). But, she is not really as strong as she looks. As I can see from heaven, she always cries alone at night. Hillary wants to be with you just like before the scandal happened; However, it gets harder and harder as time goes by. She does not know how to talk to you and has started avoiding you.

I wish I could do something to help both of you. Since we were all in the public eye, we did not have any privacy at all. There was Ў°a law professor [who] discusse[d] consumer mentality: Ў®we have to get over the idea that anything the majority is willing to watch [on TV] is something that they ought to watchЎЇЎ± (Harpaz 18). Now, people want to see the jokes about the Ў°first couple of the U.S,Ў± just like the time when they wanted to see the new that reported the separation of Charles and me. If neither of you make a step towards each other, the result is most likely to meet peopleЎЇs expectation.

Hillary has been hurt by you, and she is afraid of getting even more hurt. You two were born to be together and you love each other. But the main problem is that you have a lack of communication right now. I remembered that when I was having problem with Charles, I went to ask my therapist for advice. He told me that if we would want to make our relationship better, we should try to spend some fun time for just two of us (Kaye, par. 21). I think this might be a good thing for you to do as well. Take her out for a trip without the disturbance of the media, and try to have a heart-to-heart conversation. London would be a good place to choose.

As a friend of both of you, who has experienced a similar problem as you, I really hope that you will not make the same kind of mistake again. Self-control is also one of the things that you might want to improve. Do you remember my separation with Charles? He was keeping a close relationship with Camilla during our marriage, then finally, our love was gone, and we got divorced (“Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall”, par. 8). Stop affairs with other women. Hillary a woman worth to treasure, and she should be the only one. I donЎЇt want to see you two ends in divorce as well.

You must have heard of the New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, as he was competing with Hillary in the New York Senate race. But he was urged Ў°to drop out of the (Ў­) race because his personal life had become extraordinarily embarrassingЎ± (Rosen par.1). Have you ever thought why people forgave you, but refuse to do that for him? ThatЎЇs because Ў°the public will accept adultery in high places as long as the spouse stands by her partnerЎ± (Simon par. 2). Hillary always stands by your side, but Mr. Giuliani lost the support of his

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