Gertrude The Mother Of Evil
Essay Preview: Gertrude The Mother Of Evil
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One of the most important characters in Shakespeares Hamlet would be the mother of Hamlet himself, Gertrude. Queen Gertrude played a devious and shameful role, which left many questioning her dignity throughout the play. She led a life of wealth and royalty, but could not find happiness in either. Gertrude had to put a twist on her life by quickly abandoning the man she one loved, King Hamlet, for his soulless brother, Claudius. In order to completely understand Gertrudes mystery and you must put yourself directly inside her character. She unravels her thoughts and emotion mainly in Act 3 of the play where she begins to understand the measures Claudius took to obtain the throne.

It was the night of the big play and everyone in town was excited to finally see the premiere. Claudius had just bought me a new necklace and dress, which I could not wait to show off to all the people less fortunate than myself. As Claudius and I arrived at the theater we were escorted into the best seats in the house. I sat down I could tell that all the other women were jealous of me and would do anything to be in my position. Before the play began my foolish son made a great scene in front of everyone. Hamlet began to rant about who knows what, better yet who cares. All I know is that he was making a fool out of himself along with Claudius and I.

Eventually the Hamlet took his seat and the play began. It was not the play I expected, but interesting nonetheless. As the story progress the king of the play took a nap in his garden, similar to how my sweet, late Hamlet had. While the king was asleep his brother who had look up to him through their lives had snuck into the garden and released a poison into the ear of the king. The poison began to make the king breakout in blisters and rashes. Soon after the poison had entered the king he was dead.

All of a sudden I was startled by the unexpected frenzy put on by Claudius. He seemed to be extremely angry about the play. I assumed that he was upset that it was not the play he expected. He immediately grabbed my hand, exited the theater, and returned home. When we returned back to the palace I had asked him why he was so angry. Then I a rage of anger had taken him over that I have never seen before. I could see the anger in his eyes and dared not to ask him any more questions. He calmed down and asked me to go to bed as he assured me everything would be better in the morning.

As I rose the next morning things had not gotten better, only worse. Claudius was still angrier than ever and everyone in the palace was in a state of panic. Polonius approached me and we went into a separate room to talk. Polonius then wanted to hide in the room while I spoke to Hamlet. Hamlet then entered the room ranting about God knows what. During a moment of silence Polonius had made a noise and revealed his hiding spot, but before he could move

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