Roebling Nj Paper
Essay title: Roebling Nj Paper
By: Stephen Smith
The Roebling family was outgrowing their very busy yet small factory in South Trenton, New Jersey. So the John A. Roebling Sons Company began to look south for a small area of land in Burlington county at a bend in the Delaware River.

It was as this site where they would set up a small controllable little company town. The workers in this town helped mill structural steel cables used in some of the most famous suspension bridges in the United States like the Golden Gate and Brooklyn bridges.

“The town name and the family name would be one and the same — Roebling — and the town of Roebling remains today a charming artifact of the industrial age.

Brothers Washington, Ferdinand and Charles Roebling were already millionaire kings of industry whose privately held company had built the Brooklyn Bridge when they made their big expansion.” From (1905: Model of a company town)

The John A. Roeblings Sons Co. now had two major problems. The company was becoming much too large for it’s widespread location in the city of Trenton’s southern end. And the company was now becoming much too dependent on the greedy trusts that supplied the raw materials needed for their steel production.

Building a completely new location should solve most of the problems. The town of

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