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Part AMobiez BPMN[pic 1]Anthony’s TriangleOperational ManagementStrategicStructured Inventory re-ordering: This involves the daily activities of operation and is mainly done by lower management.  The decision taken here is structured and does not need any judgmental decision since inventory will need to be order when it reaches it re-order level. Budgeting: It is a plan of what money you expect to receive and how you expect to spend it. Budgeting should be structured so that the work flow will be tailored against projection in order to achieve optimization use of funds. Re-Structuring: Company going under restructuring needs to take a onetime strategic decision. Here it involves large financial decisions and investment. The strategic decision should be structured where the objectives and other policies can be deduced from. Less Structured Production Scheduling: The process of arranging and optimizing work and workloads in a production /manufacturing process. Operations managers allocate plant and machinery resources, plan human resources, plan production processes and purchase materials to ensure optimization use of all resources in the company measures. Personnel Management: Basically hiring, managing and developing employees so that they become more valuable to the organization. This should be done by management and should be less structured so that policies and procedures will be fair to all and transparent so that every employee can easily anticipate and interpret the next course of action.Financial Planning: Will be based on both the operational and strategic objectives of the organization and therefore need to be strategic. However they are less structured as they can vary. Unstructured Customer complaints: This includes customer enquiries, requests and complains. They are day to day issues and come in varying types and at the lower managers’ level. Here one needs a judgmental and unstructured decision so that the customers issues can be address appropriate. Pricing: Depending on the product, management must ensure that the products are rightly and timely priced to meet current economic trends and market demands to maximize profit. Hence the unstructured decisions need to be taken mitigate unwarranted loses due to wrong pricing. New Product Introduction: Here companies need to take a strategic decision as to how to ensure properly penetration of  new product penetrate into the market and this decision may need more of human judgmental decisions.  Porter’s Five Model[pic 2]Bargaining Power of Suppliers: The assess of the suppliers easy drive the prices. This change of prices is related by the number of suppliers in the market, the uniqueness of their product or service, their strength and control over the business, the cost of switching from one to another. The fewer the supplier choices you have, and the more you need suppliers help, the more powerful your suppliers are. In Mobiez case, it moderate due to both parties has strength on each other, from the side of the suppliers, their power is by having their own shops and online shops, and they can easily switch by supplying another business in the market competitor with Mobiez. In the other hand Mobiez have power over any supplier due to the number of suppliers in the market, were Mobiez can easily switch to another supplier or it can work straightly in branding for on big supplier over the others.Bargaining Power of Buyers: Here is how easy it is for buyers to drive the prices. And the importance of each buyer (customer) to the business, and the cost of switching from your products and services to those of someone else. The fewer buyers, the more powerful you are, and vice versa.  Is this case high, where the buyers have the strength over Mobiez, due to the large number of business’ providing sales and services of phones and it accessories. The buyers can easily switch to other providers, providing same products with same or less prices, with more variety and diversification.Degree of Rivalry: The number and proficiency of your competitors counts. Where if their is many competitors, and they offer equally or better products and services, then youll not have the power in such situation, because suppliers and buyers will go elsewhere if they dont get a good deal from you. On the other hand, if just you can do what you do, then you have the strength. And with Mobiez, the competition of rivalry is high due to the big number of phones and accessories stores, that would be providing the market with the same supplies Mobiez getting from the suppliers, with same prices but better services, and maybe with less prices with low profit in order to catch much buyers from the market, and the suppliers can switch and deal easily with other stores because they have the power over Mobiez, again due to the large number of competitors in the market.Threat of Substitutes: This is affected by the ability of your customers to find a different way of doing what you do. If substitution is easy and substitution is viable, then this weakens your power. In this case the threats of substitutes is low because Mobiez have the power in hand, due to not availability of a substitutes for the phone nowadays, everyone need to be attached to the world, by social media or by relations with people. Threat of New entrants: Power is also affected by the ability of people to enter your market. If it costs little in time or money to enter your market and compete effectively, then new competitors can quickly enter your market and weaken your position. If you have strong and durable barriers to entry, then you can preserve your position and take fair advantage. And in Mobiez case, threat of new entrants is high because the entry to such market is easy due to the low cost and high speed in dealing with suppliers, and no presence of barriers to entry, by any law or regulations.Part BA standard software package is defined as “a collection of software components which when combine perform set of generalized tasks that are applicable to arrange of users. As the package gets adopted by many, it forms a standard because the core components are identical across all of its installations.” (Seven Principles for selecting software pack, Damsguard.J, & Karlsberg.J;2010)

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