To Kill A Mocking Bird
Essay Preview: To Kill A Mocking Bird
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To Kill A Mocking Bird
The protagonist of To Kill A Mocking Bird, learns that their friends are not the most sincere or justifying. The main character of Harper Lees novel learns the truth and realizes how life really is in Maycomb County, ” the tired old southern town”(pg.73). She unveils the stereotypes, hypocritical and the injustice of her city. Jean Louise Finch, the young southern girl, goes through many situations and experiences that change her views of her young life.

The lives of Maycomb County residents are stereotyped and judged. These myths, lies and exaggerations cause Scouts views of her world around her to be blurred and misconceived. Stereotypes are made about the residents of this small southern town, but mostly set against the mysterious Arthur “Boo” Radley, Dolphus Raymond and Atticus. When really Mr. Radley is one of the most proud men you could ever meet, Dolphus Raymond is a sober and sane man, and Atticus is one of the greatest marksmen. Thus being three descriptions that would contradict the thought of Scout in the beginning of the story. Unknowingly Scout begins to realize the wrongs in her society. She becomes less gullible towards the climax of the novel. She realizes and understands that everything that she is told is not always true.

Throughout the story Scout finds that the residents of Maycomb are very hypocritical. The missionary circle of Maycomb who tries to raise money for black people in Africa, there is the proud man Mr. Cunningham, and there are the blacks in Maycomb who want equality. All of these groups are hypocritical and contradicting. Scout doesnt understand why “If theyre all alike, why do they go out of their way to despise each other”(Pg.240)?

The missionary circle wants to help blacks in Africa, but will not help the blacks they see everyday in their own town. Mr. Cunningham, the proud and dignified man, who has respect for everyone and treats everyone with great admiration, persecutes blacks. This man, Mr. Radley, is part of the linching party that goes for Tom at the jail. This just furthermore shows the hypocrisy

in Maycomb. Finally, there are the Blacks of Maycomb who want equality for everyone but dont treat whites justfuly. Within the missionary circle, watching Mr. Cunningham at the prison and visiting the black church, Scout realizes that people can have unfair expectations and not follow their own beliefs. Her father tells her that “As you grow older, youll see white men cheat black men every day of your life”(pg.217). She learns to understand that people of her town can be hypocrites. Through seeing the hypocrisy

and injustice, Scout understands that everyone does not follow

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