Lady Foot Locker Gets You Back on Track
Essay Preview: Lady Foot Locker Gets You Back on Track
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Lady Foot Locker Gets You Back on Track
NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – August 5, 2010) – For many of us, “Back to School” means a change in schedule — whether we are going back to school ourselves, or putting our kids on the bus. This change of schedule can threaten the fitness routine weve worked to maintain all summer. Experts at Lady Foot Locker believe this doesnt have to be the case — the right footwear will get you “Back on Track” this fall.

“Wardrobe can often affect the mind,” states Doree Sanger, VP DMM of Footwear for Lady Foot Locker. “Just as a pressed suit will make you feel prepped for an interview, a great pair of athletic shoes will prime you for your fall fitness goals.”

Cathy Lang, author of Wardrobe Workouts and contributor to Lady Foot Lockers blog, The Club, offers these tips to keep you on track:
HIGHER LEARNING: No matter what shoe you wear — toning shoes like the Reebok EasyTone or a casual favorite like the Converse Chuck Taylor — elevate your booty by taking the stairs. If you are feeling ambitious, make it a rule to go up to your floor, back down and up again every trip.

CALORIES BURNED: approximately ten calories per minute when ascending, and seven when descending.
AHEAD OF THE CLASS: Sneakers are a fall fashion staple, and running shoes are brighter and more colorful than ever! Nike, Reebok and Asics have infused their top performance sneakers with pops of color. Do your feet (and your fitness goals) a favor by choosing sneakers as your everyday shoes.

CALORIES BURNED: If youre carrying a bag, for every five lbs you carry on a ten minute walk, you will boost your burn by 14.25 calories. So, if youre walking a 15 lb bag to class will burn approximately 43 calories.

ON THE FAST TRACK: You know you can use your campus track for more than running. Get a full lower body workout by inserting lunges. Run at the highest intensity you can. When its time for a break, tighten your lower half by doing walking lunges while your heart rate and breathing slow before returning to your cardio workout. A great running shoe like the Asics Gel Kayano 16 is ideal for the track and will support this active rest as well.

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