Reflections and Connections
Essay Preview: Reflections and Connections
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Reflections and Connections
Walking down the hall and you see that boy, the boy that every made fun of for being different, the boy that didnt really have many friends. You see him and think “how is it that he makes it a day with out bursting in to tears?” “How can he walk with his head held high and a smile on his face?” The truth is that for many years it was not like that, he cried every day at school. He just found a corner where he could not be heard and wept.

He walked looking at the ground so no one would notice his red eyes and tear wet face. He thought that the harassment would never stop and that he would never be cut out to be in the world. He tried every thing he could to make it better but nothing helped. His mother would cry for her baby boy, her youngest of 3, wouldnt open up to her. He would not ask for the help he needed. Time after time she would ask if anything was wrong, but he would not say. It went on like this for years on till the day that he found something that helped him, The music spoke to him like no one has be for, it told him not to fear what is to come and to always look forward because that is the direction happiness will be found. Music encouraged him to do something productive with his time, and he began to play the clarinet he worked so hard and wanted above all for his mother to be filled with pride. He wanted her to look at him with tears of joy. 8 years later I find the same boy and yet so different music transformed him the minor key that played in his heart modulated in to a major key a key filled with beautiful melodies end extravagant crescendos, no longer will he face the world with doubts or fears because he knows that for every dissonance there is a resolution, and that decrescendos in happiness are not to be feared because he knows that there will be a crescendo waiting to happen, he will live each day like a symphony with fortes and pianos, and with legato and staccato and he will be okay with the minor keys he has learned that there is much beauty in sadness. I have seen this boy grow up and I have seen him down and I have seen him up I have seen this boy because he is I and I am he. Life is like a piano what you get out of it depends on how you play it. Its the only piano you get so play it from the heart. And so I say modulate your key and dont cringe at the dissonance in life and just remember that not every day can be on key

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