Addressing the Miners and Families on the Cave-In Accident
Essay Preview: Addressing the Miners and Families on the Cave-In Accident
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Addressing the Miners and Families on the cave-in accident.
The Chilean mine incident was one that had international eyes on due to the severity of the situation, which was unprecedented, due to how deep they were buried. This incident affected both the families of the miners and fellow coworkers. Minera San Esteban Primera faced a really difficult time when this incident occurred since they had to face mayor obstacles trying to resolve the situation as quickly and swiftly as possible. What plan could they come up with to save these miners and what could they do to prevent future safety issues like this one, from ever occurring again.

Before Minera San Esetabn Primera could face the families of the miners trapped below, they have to verify first the status of the miners, if they are alive or dead, and what steps should they take. Latin families tend to be very religious, coming from Spanish decent. A great way to approach the families would be approaching the families and tell them ask God for help in this time of need and to pray for the wellbeing of the miners. In case one of them didnt make it, for God to save their soul. The company should give a plan to the family to assure them that if they are alive, they would do everything in their power to save those miners no matter the costs and time it takes to do so. In the case that any of the miners should suffer their demise in this situation, they would have to make a plan to help the family sustain themselves, since most likely the miner was the main income of that household. The company will have to promise the families that even if the miners perish, they will do everything in their power to exhume the bodies from the mine, so the families can have a proper funeral and closure in this chapter of their lives. The best way for the company to do this, would be to approach the families individually and personally, preferably the president of the company should do this. This will demonstrate to the families that the company does care for the wellbeing of their employees and their family members. They should sit down, explain the situation carefully to the families and help them prepare what will come next.

Once they speak with the families, will come the hard part. They have to come through with all the promises they made. If the miners did survive, they would have to invest in experts to decide which plan they should make, so they can dig where the miners are and save them. If the miners had died, they should give compensation to the families for X amount of years, until they can go forward with their lives. They should also have to give psychological treatment to the families who suffered the loss of a family member.

Before Minera San Esteban Primera decides to speak with their employees, they have to do an evaluation of the whole history of the company. How many accidents have occurred during the years the company has operated? How

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