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War Essay
Essay title: War Essay
War is an ugly thing that makes men do crazy thing. Not only is it overqualified that it fills the mind of boys with of becoming heroes and fight to the death for one country. In addition, when the boys get there they find that war is not all it supposes to be. In addition, to survive they have to become beasts. You find a lot of this in All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque and in the poems by Wilfred Owen and Thomas Hardy.

War is an ugly thing it can turn the best of men in to beast. If you do not turn into a beast, you will not live to see the end of the war. No one shows this better then Erich Maria Remarque novel All Quiet on the Western Front. “ this is the first time I have killed with my hand, whose death is may doing (221)”. Paul had to kill a man or the man would have shot him cold. One of the best explores of how a war turns man into beast is in the poem Arms and the Boy by Wilfred Owen. “ for his teeth seem for laughing round an apple. There lurk no claw behind his finger supple; and god will grow no talons at his heels, nor antlers through the thickness of his curls (9-12)”. What is happing is he is turning into a monster. War is a beast it self for it preys on men.

One of the reason wars is so bad because it is overgroifd. So, if you are boy going off to war think he going to come back a hero. Nevertheless,

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