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The educational requirement to be a JROTC Officer Instructor is a minimum of a Baccalaureate Degree by an accredited institution by Department of Education (Prerequistes for a JROTC Instructor Duty). While not specifically required, my military education as both a Noncommissioned Officer and Commissioned Officer will place me at an advantage to leverage myself against my peers. This is particularly important as the Army is in the mist of drawing down forces and severely limiting promotions to the higher ranks. This coupled with the struggling economy can have an impact on the ability to enter the JROTC program as the three year window to enter the program is already relatively restrictive. In addition, some States require the instructor to be a certified high school teacher or be able to meet the certification requirements within a certain time (Prerequistes for a JROTC Instructor Duty). At this time, the additional certification is not a requirement for the state of Georgia which is where I plan to retire. To help improve my chances of becoming a JROTC instructor, I plan on taking classes in counseling as part of my electives while completing my Masters Degree. Probably the most important decision that I made recently to help facilitate my long term career goals is to petition to change my Masters Degree from Managing Human Resources to a Masters in Management and Leadership. I feel this will help better prepare me for my role as JROTC instructor and truly place me ahead of my peers as we potentially flood the civilian market place.

For me, the most rewarding benefit I will have in meeting my new career goals is knowing that I will still be able to impact the military by providing candidates that are highly disciplined, physically fit, and sound leaders of moral character. I have truly been blessed by my military career, but I also feel the need to focus on my family. Military life can be very challenging for family members and its important for me to place a balance in my career and personal goals. By becoming a JROTC instructor, I will be able to provide stability for my family, a good income, and continue to serve the military community.

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