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Running head: Global Staffing Strategies.
Global Staffing Strategies
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Global Staffing Strategies
Dell Computer Corporation was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell. Dell currently is number one in the P.C market in the United States. Dell corporate Headquarters are in Texas. Dell currently manufactures computers in seven locations:; Winston-Salem; North Carolina; Eldorado do Sul and Hortolandia, Nashville, Tennessee; Brazil; Austin, Texas ;Limerick, Ireland; Penang, Malaysia and Xiamen, China. Dell also sells products and other service worldwide.

Mission Statement
Dells mission statement is “Dells mission is to be the most successful computer company in the world by delivering the best customer experience in the markets we serve” (Dell).

The Situation
Dell has just acquired Venture Computers. Venture Computer is a Canadian based company that like Dell is a full service company. Venture manufactures computers and provides service and other products. Venture was founded in 1988 while the company is no where the size of Dell, it has been a success in the industry. Ventures market is currently just inside the country of Canada. The task at hand is for Dells human resource department to develop a comprehensive staffing strategy for this acquisition.

Getting full support from Ventures employees will not be an easy task. The culture in Canadas workplace on merging with an U.S company is not a positive one. The Canadian people fear that doing so the U.S company will shift production to low wage states back in the U.S., and the result will be lost jobs for the Canadians. Another challenge is getting Dells U.S employees to relocate for a short time in order to train the employees of Venture.

Getting Started
The first step for Dell is to inform all employees of the current situation. Human resource will address the employees in a formal memo stating what has taking place between the two companies. The memo will state that through this acquisition Dell believes that it will help the company grow into the global market. Human resource will inform all employees that there are no plans for layoffs at this time. Human resource will also create a vision for the future of this company as one where all employees will benefit from this acquisition and that this is an excellent opportunity for the company and all its employees as well.

The United States and Canada already have strong economic and political ties. Canada and the U.S are each others largest trading partners in the world, with more than 80% of exports from Canada going to the U.S. While the U.S investment in Canada has grown to eleven billion dollars, the Canadians have also expanded successfully into the U.S market.

Anytime one company merges with another there is always going to be some hurdles to climb, especially when one is in another country. Some challenges that Human recourse will face are labor and employment laws of Canada. From the perspective of a global economy, Canada is considered more like an extension to the U.S instead of a foreign market. The labor laws in Canada are similar to those of the U.S, in which they are largely modeled on the U.S Wagner Act. However, the approach to human resource management in Canada requires a distinct approach. Doing business in Canada has risk and liabilities. One challenge is union organizing in Canada is on the rise, currently at 30% of the workforce to where in the. U.S unions are on the downside, only 10% in the workforce. Venture is a non union workplace and Dell plans on keeping it that way.

Cultural and Regulatory Factors
One culture of human resource management in Canada that Dell will have to implement changes to their current policy is the difference of human rights and discrimination laws between the two countries. Both countries have laws in place that protect employees from discrimination. Although Canada has gone one step further and created new grounds called sexual orientation. Human resource will have to altar some of their polices for aboard for reason such as that what constitutes a disability also tends to be broader in a Canada than the U.S and the validation standards of the hiring process are more difficult. The privacy of employees in Canada tends to be more protective, drug and alcohol testing programs that are widespread throughout the workplace in the U.S are much more difficult to implement in Canada. Human resource will have to implement a slightly different policy on this as well for their newly Canadian based company. A strategic knowledge of labor and employment laws of Canada will allow Dell to take advantage of many opportunities of this acquisition with Venture. All these challenges will need to be addressed by Dells human resource management if this acquisition is going to be successful.

Staffing and Recruiting
Now that Dells human resource management has considered the unique cultural and regulatory factors that Dell will face, Human resource now will have to staff this new company. First human resource will have to determine if there is a labor surplus or shortage through this acquisition. To do so human resource will take a look at the forecast for labor and determine if whether there will be a demand or a surplus. Human resource will have to take a look at their existing internal labor force and get a clear idea of their strengths and weaknesses. Core competency is something we must look for when looking to staff this company. Staffing Dell with employees who have a set of knowledge and skills will make the organization superior to competitors and create value for customers.

Human resource will have to develop a recruitment strategy. The first step is to hold interdepartmental meetings where decisions from all departments will have input. Human resource management must develop formal procedures that utilizes strategy tools such as decision trees and process maps to establish recruitment objectives. To get this acquisition on the right path the main focus will be on are the companys short and long-term goals. In order to staff the new company human resource will create job descriptions,

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