Curfew.. It Must Be Done
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Many towns in metro manila dont consider implementing curfew on teens because they think its absurd, also many teens think that it is unfair and unconstitutional. For me, it is needed in my opinion. It would discipline the teen, lessen crimes in the metro and contributes in lessening of vices among teens today

It would embed discipline especially at home and in school. Firstly, they wouldnt play online games after hours and if they do would deteriorate their young minds and eventually turn them to future war freaks. Secondly, it would lessen teens hanging out in videokes, family ktvs in the middle of the night. Thirdly, minors would learn to be responsible and properly be disciplined by their parents. Lastly, they would have time for more studies and use this knowledge to shape their own children in the future.

It would lessen crimes in the metro. Firstly, police would be more alert complying with the curfew law. Secondly, it would set a rule or a specific time in the night that would make the teens victims of kidnapping, rape and etc. Thirdly, minors sometimes dont know the consequences of drunken driving witch lead to irresponsible acts good for jail time. Also drinking causes young minds to turn into detrimental and crazy acts leading to the damage of property, businesses and even lives.

It would help us, the teens get away from vices like smoking, drinking, etc. Firstly, smoking is one habit that is hard to stop plus it would degrade the mind. Secondly, drinking is also one big factor of being dangerous especially at night when no one is looking. Thirdly, drug trading or trafficking happens at night and the people involved are young people. Also, teens would be home watching TV instead of being out vandalizing because they seem to think that friends are doing it because it is cool, sadly it would destroy establishments, private properties, etc.

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