Word Must Be Weighed, Not Counted
Name: Ngoc Khanh Tran        Topic: Chapter  16: Methods of delivery General Purpose: to inform Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech the audience will be able to recognize and apply methods appropriately and effectively.Central idea: There are four methods of delivery Manuscript Speaking, Memorized Speaking, Impromptu Speaking and Extemporaneous Speaking and each one’s advantages, disadvantages and tips. Introduction:  “Word must be weighed, not counted”. You don’t really need to be too careful and courteous about what you are going to talk about during the speech in order to satisfy all of the audiences. You just need to know how to deliver your speech effectively by choosing an appropriate method. Does anyone in here know how many methods there are to use in a speech? Well, maybe some of you do, some of you don’t . For people who don’t know, today I’m going to provide you some information about that, I hope this is useful. Body:  There are methods of delivery speakers  can use in their speeches.i. The first method is Manuscript  Speaking.A. Using this method is a poor way to deliver a speech because the speaker just stands there and read the outline.B. The advantage of this is it allows you to choose appropriate words during prepare process, avoid forgetting and decide good ways to express.C. It also has disadvantage such as Manuscript Speaking is rarely done well enough to be interesting.D. Some tips to use this method  effectively are try to maximize your eye contact, your written down outline speech must be brief for easily scanning, use your index finger to keep track in the manuscript.E. However, some speech need to be reach for its credibility and authority.II. The second method of delivery is Memorized Speaking.A. Trying to speech exactly what you memorized can make you look like a robot. And robot’s speaking style is really stiff, stilted, and over-rehearsed. B. This method gives you advantage that you can maximize your eye contact with the audience, except you forget something really necessary. C. The disadvantage of this is also related to eye contact, because when you forget something important that you have to provide in the speech, you will have no eye contact at all. Futhermore, you just have to keep looking and thinking for appropriate vocabulary and ways to explain. D. Meanwhile, with some speech such as introducing a speaker, accepting award or graduation speech, etc, Memorized Speaking is sometimes acceptable. E. Tips for this method is to take to make the presentation sound lively and interesting.III. The third way to deliver a speech is Impromptu Speaking and it is undoubtful A. Basically, prepare nothing in advance. Speakers just know about the topic and respond naturally to audience’s questions . B.  The advantage of this method is you can control your eye contact and speak informally. C. The disadvantage of this method is easy to be in awkward moments , for example, mess up the chronology , the order, etc, unless the speaker understand clearly and conscious specifically about the topic. D. Tips to apply this method effectively are provide personal illustration (truth) to satisfy listener’s expectation because mostly they desire something that relates to speaker’s personal experience, be credible and with controversial topic, it is better to be honest than to be unclear. IV. The last method is the most used method called Extemporaneous Speaking and this is also what method that you want to use in this class. A. Technically, speakers will prepare something general such as a general outline in order to against forgetting main ideas, also maximize eye contact with the audience and talk naturally. Therefore this would be the most interesting method to deliver a speech.B. The advantage of this method is the speech sounds live rather than rehearsed, is well-organized, and is delivered in an interesting and vivid manner, help you rely less on note and focus more on message. C. Even though it is the most interesting and attractive method, it has some certain disadvantages such as new thoughts may increase the length of the speech and forget some unimportant but interesting points.D. Tips for using this method effectively are going over the speech for several to get the overall structure although exact way to express may vary. And final draft of speaking note maybe an abbreviated outline, key words, essential facts or statistics that speakers want to remember for their speeches.Conclusion:  Now you know that the answer for how many methods there are to deliver a speech. There four methods of delivery, Manuscript Speaking, Memorized Speaking, Impromptu Speaking and lastly is the most preferred method known as Extemporaneous Speaking. I hope that my speech was helpful enough for you to get some ideas about each method and choose the right appropriate to apply in your speeches. Thank you for listening to this Extemporaneous Speech.

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