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Message Analysis
The key components to any business are the effectiveness of the marketing campaign and the communication methods. Maintaining contact with existing customers and clients and developing innovative approaches to attract new prospects ensures these organizations remain competitive within their respective industries. The evolution of communication drastically changed the way individuals interact with each other, which led to businesses altering the methods in which current and potential customers were contacted. Customers are now able to use automated systems to receive customer service without ever speaking to a living associate. Sales managers of all industries are encouraging their sales teams to find ways to increase sales attempts through the use of the internet. They are fully aware that increasing attempts eventually lead to increasing sales. Businesses and organizations have found other benefits of being able to reach millions of people instantly through email and social networking avenues, such as reduced costs for marketing and advertising. These groups understand the importance of knowing and utilizing the components of effective communication.

Three examples of messages during conversation after an initial solicitation will be analyzed in this essay. The messages used will show how misinterpretation of intent can easily occur if the intended meaning is not clearly expressed and delivered between the parties involved.

Business Message #1
I recently received an email announcing a breakfast being held to support a local church choir.
Help support the Inspirational Choir
Full breakfast will be available at
Pleasant Green B C – 3639 Willow Glen River Road in Alexandria
Saturday, February 4th ~ $5.00
8:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. or until we run out.
If you buy from me in advance of the 4th, I will sale my tickets for $4.00
The message provided specific details pertaining to date and time, location of the event, and the total cost to attend. The purpose of the message was very clear and, as the recipient, I did not have a problem understanding. I was not the only recipient of the message and can safely assume the messages clarity was shared by all. When businesses distribute information concerning the products and services they offer, the objective is not to attract each person who receives the information immediately. The objective to spark an interest with large numbers and meet adequate production numbers based on predetermined ratios of advertisements and customers generated. The sender of this message did not expect to get responses or participation from each person the message was sent to, but knew that sending the message to a large group would give a better chance of getting positive responses.

Business Message #2 and #3
Businesses rely on feedback from to make determinations of what marketing techniques work and which methods do not. They also rely on this communication to determine the target demographic of their client bases. These organizations are constantly looking for ways to expand and introduce their products and services to new markets. In the case of the initial solicitation message, the anticipated response was an order of tickets to this breakfast. As a business owner, I am looking for new ways to network and meet new people. My response to the sender simply stated:

To assist in the efforts to raise money for the choir, I am willing to conduct a free financial seminar. Barring a lack of participation, I will donate 10% of commissions generated back to any department or auxiliary desired.

The intent of my reply was to bring exposure to my business and help the choir with its fundraising efforts,

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