Evaluating Employee Characteristics
After reading the article entitled “Values, Attitudes, Emotions and Moods in The Workplace” it is my position that personality, value and attitudes are three very important traits that play a role in an employees satisfaction in their employment situation. The article states that “how people behave in an organization is often closely tied to how they feel about their work (Greene, 2012).” My interpretation of this statement is simply one that if an employee is satisfied with their employer, their compensation and benefits then theyll do a job that has a positive reflection on the company and satisfies the companys customers. They will complete their assigned tasks in a manner that will warrant an increase in wages annually when evaluated by their superiors and deserve recognition. While on the other hand, if they have a negative disposition about their employer, team mates and employment situation; they will do just enough work to maintain employment and earn compensation. They have no desire to go above and beyond to complete an assigned task or exceed a customers expectations. They are only there to work their shift and meet the quota assigned to them. As well as, there is no desire to advance within the company; its not a career it is simply a job – a means to pay bills.

An employees personality, values and attitude can determine whether an employee is successful in their career advancement within a company or even determine how long an employee is able to maintain employment before their ultimate demise. While their values, simply stated – are their beliefs about what is important and what results should be attained. Usually, values are driven by emotions because there is no standard as to what one should believe is the likely outcome of their experience. Values are generally identified as either intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic values are those values that are related to the actual nature of the job and extrinsic values are associated with compensation, recognition and motivation. “While most people obviously hold both intrinsic and extrinsic work values, most tend to value one over the other. Those who work for passion but may not receive much pay have stronger intrinsic values, while those who work primarily to provide for their families – even if they dont like the work, have stronger extrinsic values (Greene, 2012).” Obviously, the motivating factors for these types of employees are different – one may respond better to an increased paycheck, while the other might respond better to more personally engaging tasks

Additionally, while a persons attitude is a mental state that exerts influence on their response to people, objects and situations. Beliefs, feelings and actions are all related to a persons employment attitude. Workplace attitudes are directly related to personality; “positive affectivity is linked to

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