A Beautiful Mind
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After watching the movie A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe as John Nash, my views on mental illness have greatly changed. I have learned a good deal about mental illness after watching this movie. When I think of someone with a mental illness I usually think of some guy in a mental institution in a straight jacket. This movie showed me that mentally ill people can still lead very productive and happy lives.

This story demonstrate the strength of the human spirit because although the character sufferd from obstructive personality problems, and eventually mental illness, he was still an inspired thinker who won a Nobel Prize, and he still had a loving wife and son. This made me think that there is still hope for those people who are suffering from mental illness to overcome their handicaps and triumph in the end. We shouldnt judge these people instead we should empathize with them.

A Beautiful Mind is a movie with a purpose. Although entertainment is certainly the primary goal, it also serves as an educational tool for the general public. Most people think that schizophrenia means that a person has multiple personalities, which is not true at all. The major symptom of schizophrenia is that the person hears voices, voices that seem very, very real to them. They may also experience hallucinations, like John. I think that the movie makes the imaginary parts seem so real so that people will understand how real it seems to the person experiencing it. I think this movie does a good job of portraying the hardships of living with a major mental illness. It helped me to understand that the person with the illness is not violent. If you understand that the person is hearing voices that seem very real to them, it really isnt all that crazy that they are answering them. I also learned that people with mental illnesses cant help that they are insane. It is something they are born with . John Nash must have been an extraordinary

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