Of Mice and Men
Essay Preview: Of Mice and Men
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Of Mice And Men
In Of Mice And Men George and Lennie search for work in order to one day afford their own home. In many instances throughout the book Lennie often wants to live on farm and raise rabbits. George is willing to do anything for Lennie to make him happy and keep him calm. Quite often, George is the one who has a life after working on the ranch already planned out.

One quote, which is said early in the book, in a vulgar language, is said by George and is abruptly interrupted by Lennie. “O.K. Someday – were gonna get the jack together and were gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an a cow and some pigs and”- “An live off the fatta lan,” Lennie interrupted. (Pg. 15) This is the first quote said in the book about what George and Lennie plan on doing after they earn enough money to live on their own. Lennie goes on to talk about having rabbits, which George agrees to allow him to raise. Since Lennie has a fascination with soft objects, and his quirk is petting the soft fur of the objects, George is happy to have rabbits on their own property. This also makes Lennie exceedingly tractable. When Lennie says “live off the fatta lan,” he is talking about what most people in this country want, a lot of property with bountiful crops. When people own a lot of property they feel empowered and strong that they can afford their own property.

The next quote, which George says, describes the house where he and Lennie are going to live. “Sure, wed have a little house an a room to ourself. Little fat iron stove, an in the winter wed keep a fire goin in it. It aint enough land so wed have to work too hard. Maybe six, seven hours a day. We wouldnt have to buck no barley eleven hours a day. An when we put in a crop, why, wed be there to take the crop up. Wed Know what come of our planning.” (Pg 58) Lennie then interrupts again and says theyll have rabbits too. When George describes their future home, he leaves out the description of the amount of property theyd have. Instead he only describes the house theyll live in. He says he wants a house for them selves. He, like many other people, does not want to be bothered by outsiders. George even says they grow crops by themselves in order to live on their own needs. This is where they want

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