Land Surveyors of Texas
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Land Surveyors of Texas are diminishing quickly. The majority of land surveyors practicing in Texas are over the age 50. Texas land surveyors are a key component in land development and growth across the state. Collaborate with your coworkers and create a brochure to encourage upcoming high school graduates to enroll in a local surveying program at their local university.

As a Group
Determine how you want to represent the Land Surveying Industry.
Establish your audience and the purpose of the brochure.
Define the overall message of brochure.
Create a Group Leader
The group leader will be the middle man between the group and upper management. He will communicate with me, representing you as a group. He will also keep everyone on track, head the meetings, and communicate among members of the group.

Define Tasks for Group Members
All members will collaborate during the planning phase by sharing ideas and brainstorming.
Each member will be responsible for a task for which they are best suited.
Each member shall review the document at every stage.
Organize a Schedule
Before departing from your first meeting, establish a working schedule.
When and where will you meet?
How will meetings be conducted?
How will you communicate amongst other group members?
Establish procedures to resolve conflict?
Not all meeting s can be done face to face. Some meetings can be accomplished using email or groupware such as Google Docs or Windows Live.
Communicate Diplomatically
Listen Carefully
Give Everyone a chance to speak
Ask relevant questions
In some instances unexpected problems may emerge. When problems occur, inform other members as soon as possible.
Your final product should demonstrate a well thought out document that will grab a high school graduates attention, and entice him or her to enroll in a local Land Surveying program.

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