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Andrea B. Santos                Business EthicsSeptember 29, 2017REFLECTION PAPER NO. 21St Trimester SY 17-18[pic 1]What is society?Society is a group of two or more people living in a particular place working to achieve a common objective.  The smallest social unit, the family, is an example of society.  Members of the family directly or indirectly move or influence each other for the purpose of improving their social and economic situation.  The able-bodied ones work while the others inspire (babies, young children, and incapacitated).  A group of relatives can also be considered a society as they come together to take a part in helping other relatives.  Same is true with friends.  At the office and any other work place, workmates is also a form of society in the sense that they perform their duties and obligations towards attainment of the organizational objective.Given all this, it can be said that in order for a group of people to be considered as a society it must have a sense of likeness among members, meaning commonality of traits, culture, and desires.  Likeness, however, may not be equally strong and intense all throughout the group; there may be slight and tolerable gap.  Reciprocal awareness is also an important element in a society.  Mother and child have reciprocal awareness and become bound by it.  Teacher and students also have it, and so managers and staff, supervisor and subordinates.  Reciprocal awareness is also present among employees.  There can be no society without it.

Interdependence and cooperation also serve an important role in a society.  In meeting the objective, society members work and think interdependently and cooperative.  The action of an individual or group affects the performance of others.  Their actions, therefore, must not have a random or haphazard directions.  While coming  different points or levels, actions must converge or meet at the target aimed for.No matter how small or big the objective is, the people society are working cooperatively and harmoniously for its attainment.  If there are differences and conflict, members themselves have the power to settle them favorably for the company’s objective.  That is why commonality of traits, culture, and norms and psyche, as well as coexistence with the differences and conflict in opinions, outlooks, and methods within the society are all necessary for its members to live and work peacefully and progressively in the community.Society, therefore, is a tangible evidence that it is helpful in promoting goodwill among its members, progress, and development.What is good about Philippine society?The Philippine society is endowed with a generally happy and optimistic people with good traits and culture.  Its population  is a big  source of human capital for domestic and foreign employment.  The Philippines is also a good place for tourists and travelers Filipinos are hospitable towards fellow Filipinos and foreigners alike.  They are law-abiding and responsible of their duties and obligations.  These things are good for the Philippines.

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